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The Improvement Of Human Resource Management In The Public Sector

Posted on:2014-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392964813Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The establishment of mainly relying on the public sector in the authority of theagency relationship, it is unique and legitimacy in the use of public power. The mainfunction of the public sector of our country in the contemporary market economy: first, tomaintain the effective competition, macroeconomic stability, the fair distribution ofincome. Secondly, the provision of public goods and public services, resourceconservation, and solving social conflicts. Third, improve infrastructure and economicdevelopment.Small enough to influence the future development of human resources, functionsand effects of economic management sector. Human resource management in the publicsector as a representative sector in human resources and organization plays a moreimportant role. China’s public sector human resource management is the priority amongpriorities in the position of internal management in the public sector, the humanresources management level height hand affects the development of our country’s publicsector itself; on the other hand, to provide public products and public service quality andlevel, it is important to development of China in all aspects, including economy, politicsand culture. In our socialist society, mainly the implementation of our nationaladministrative power, the exercise of management of national and social public affairs isthe public sector, the public sector is to undertake the provision of public goods andservices, its position in the whole society in the unshakable, effective public sector staffenthusiasm for work is largely dependent upon in China’s public sector service ability and act efficiency, improving public sector staff working attitude, improve the workefficiency of public sector staff, help to improve the quality of public organization.In our country are put forward the goal of building a well-off society sixteen bigreports of the party. In order to achieve this goal, China’s public sector and public sectorworkers still plays an important and irreplaceable role. The improvement of humanresource management of public sectors in China, conducive to social development andpeople’s life in harmony. To enhance and improve the public sector human resourcesmanagement, and promote China’s public sector human resource abilities and talents toenhance the quality, effective protection is not only the administrative efficiency ofpublic sectors in China increased, and the smooth realization of an important foundationfor China’s public sector management effectiveness, but also the requirements ofeconomic and social development.The focus of human resource management in Chinese public sector has become inthe public sector of daily life in the human resource management, reform needs a great ofpublic sectors in china. Improvement of public sector human resources in all aspects ofthe content (including recruitment, training, performance, compensation and other fouraspects), hand in favor of improving and deepening of China’s human resourcesmanagement in the academic level, on the other hand, in the theory and practice ofhuman resource management of public sectors in China in the direction of the rich.Research on human resource management of public sector in China is the concrete anddeepening of Marx’s theory, not only enrich the all-round development of people, therelationship between the development of human and society these views, more mademore specific explanation of the scientific view of development, the public sector humanresources management to better guide in theory and practice.Nowadays, our country academic circles about the human resources managementhuman resources management and the public sector have made many achievements, butthere are still blind undeniable: such as recruitment that may exist in the "black-boxoperation”. Recruitment in the public sector,"black-box operation" for specificperformance: on the one hand, the recruitment decision is too concentrated, the lack of justice, public participation mechanism, on the other hand, the recruitment of personnel isstill mainly rely on the leadership, heavily influenced by traditional thoughts, foreignemploying standard is not clear, the positive effects of other candidates the. Developmentof training effect is not up to the expected effect, training development idea lag, lack ofattention to training, leading to potential employees cannot well be excited; training andemployee demand dislocation, the specific needs of training and staff are not wellcombined; training quality uneven, some good and some bad, training quality can not beguaranteed, on the content of the training is unable to carry out effective teaching,training effect; the lack of effective training effect evaluation, effect evaluation toparticipate in the training of public sector staff did not promptly after the training, losethe protection effectiveness results lead to the training effect. Public sector performanceevaluation becomes a mere formality, assessment methods effectiveness cannot beguaranteed, the specific performance in the performance appraisal of decreased emphasison performance appraisal, the importance of understanding is not comprehensive enough,the assessment of a mere formality, performance assessment standards and methods arenot specific, limited the authenticity and validity of performance appraisal method,performance evaluation is not scientific, participate in the examination personnel accessto information channels are limited, assessment objective, justice and fairness is difficultto achieve, do not pay attention to the application of performance appraisal performanceappraisal, lead to distortion, it is difficult to play its real effective role; in today’s society,in terms of remuneration structure.
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