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An Economic Analysis On The Reform Of Administrative Examination And Approval System--Taking Shaoxing Municipality As An Example

Posted on:2004-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis looks back the practice of the three rounds of reform of administrative examination and approval system in Shaoxing Municipality. In order to look for the economic reasons of different attitude and activities of public, politicians, officers and ordinary public servants, the four main bodies of reform, it is analyzed respectively that the different results from the comparison of cost and profit in reform. Depending on the analysis, this thesis put forward some suggestions to deepen the reform.The thesis consists of seven parts. The first part raises a question why there exist some difficulties and obstacles holding back the process of reform of administrative examination and approval system, which will be discussed and analyzed in the following parts. The second part defines some basic concepts, such as cost, profit and so on. The third part reviews the practice of the reform in Shaoxing, including the reform backgrounds, processes and problems. The fourth part involves the analysis of cost and profit of the four main bodies and gets some conclusions: l.The public are the first promoters in the reform; 2.The politicians are active pioneers and actual operators; 3.The officers are likely to become wanderers between supporting and objecting the reform; 4.The public servants are most likely to become the obstacles because of the loss of what they have gained. The fifth part confirms the conclusions of the Part 4 by comparing the economic indicators of Shaoxing during the past several years. The sixth part of this thesis suggests that we should strengthen the impetuses and weaken the obstructive powers to deepen the reform, such as opening up more widely to outside, encouraging private economy, reforming the government's evaluation system, rebuilding functional structure of government, enhancing the power of supervision, setting up administrative service center, etc. Finally, the writer concludes the whole article and points out several topics, which should be discussed more deeply later.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative examination and approval system, reform, cost, profit, economic analysis
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