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Economic Problems Of The Sustainable Utilization Of Land Resources

Posted on:2005-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D S LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125959287Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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Land as "the mother of wealth" has been studied by humans for a long time.After the viewpoint of sustainable development has formed especially, people havebeen more concerned with the proplems of population resources and environmentsthan ever, and the study on the land of "under all, the land" is gradually becomingpopular. The problems on land economies may been studied from different angles.Because the land has the two quality of resources and property, Zhuo Chen, ascholar of China, think that the problems on land economies should be made up ofthree parts: land resource economics,land assets economics and land propertyeconomics. I agree on his view and finish my paper of Master that only involvesland resource economics. The problem about land resource economies still includes many aspects. Thepaper only involves the problems of economies that arise from land as resourcesutilized by men. These economic problems may be divided into several partsmentioned below in brief: 1. I first give a definition of "land" and the analyses of the economiccharacteristics of land in the preface of the paper. Secondly I briefly look back thestudy on the problem of land resource economies abroad and home. At last thestructure and feature of the paper is also involved in the preface. 2. The economies of the supply and demand of land. The supply and thedemand of land and the balance of the supply and demand are discussed in thechapter. In nature the balance of land resources is the problem of "the land-manbalance" because the supply and demand of land is how to satisfy people's demand.The problem about sustained utilization of land resources is how to satisfy humans'demand in a sustainable way. The problem of the burden ability to population ofland is also one of the analyses of the "land-man balance". 3. The location economies of land utilization. This chapter is concerned withthe location of agricultural and industrial production. I analyse the classic theory ofthe location of the agriculture and the industry and point out that the industry is IIIlocated in the place of lowest cost. Thus we should reasonably distribute landresources in order to get more location's benefits. 4.Economies of land intensiveness. The chapter is involved with the economicproblem of land intensiveness.It includes the degree of land intensiveness ofagricultural land and urban land. The intensiveness may increase efficiency andspare land. At last I point out the problems of China urban intensiveness and arisemethods to solve them. 5. Economies of land size and scale. At first I analyse the law of the profit andthe scale of land utilization and point out the existence of the perfect scale; secondlyI analyse the management scale of the agricultural and industrial land in theory; atlast, I analyse the management scale of China agriculture and point out the existenceof problems. 6. The micro-economics analyses on the sustained utilization of land. I analysethe cost-profit of land protection and deduce the behaviour of peasants from thebenefit which they may get from the land protection. The six parts mentioned above are main contents of the paper.One of thecharacteristic of the paper is to analyse the distribution of land resources with theknowledge of western economics. Of course, the problem of Chinese land resourceutilization are also mentioned in some chapters. To aim at the goal that the theorygets in touch with the practice, the last chapter of the paper is concerned with theproblems of the sustainable utilization of Chinese land resources and the tactics tosolve the problems. To solve the four main problems of the washing land, the desertand the pollution of land ,the diminishing land productivity and the decreasingcultivated land in the Chinese land utilization, I think that we should take fourmethods which are the economic means,the legal means, the administr...
Keywords/Search Tags:Land resources, Sustained utilization, Location, Scale economies, Intensiveness
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