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Studies And Comparisons For Hong Kong Corporate Governance

Posted on:2005-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Hong Kong is one of the most important financial centers in the world. It has the second largest security market in Asia. Also, it often has been called China's "window on the world". To lift and stabilize these positions, world-class corporate governance standard is an essential element. The major characteristic of Hong Kong ownership structure is that it concentrated on an individual or a family. This is always the foundation of Hong Kong corporate governance mechanisms that focus on protecting the minority. The recent collapse of the Enron Corporation in the US and similar incidents have underscored the problems and loopholes of Corporate Governance regime in US. There is no exception in Hong Kong, several corporate failures happened recently. Certainly, because different countries have different history, economic background, legal systems and policies, there are different corporate governance models. Different models have their merits and deficiency. In order to improve and establish the best corporate governance which is suitable for its own country, the way is to learn the experiences from each other. In this thesis, it first explains the present situation and existing problems of Hong Kong corporate governance. Then, through comparison and analysis of the merits and deficiency for different corporate governance models, this thesis put forward the preliminary suggestion on how to improve the corporate governance in Hong Kong.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate Governance, Comparison, Benchmark
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