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Discussion Of Urban Land Of Our Country Management's The Issue And Countermeasure

Posted on:2006-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The urban land is the most basic key element of urban economy development, it is formed by two parts of land resource and land assets. " The land is a mother of the wealth ", how the biggest value of giving play to and realizing the land has always been land owner's concerned focus question. Since reform and opening-up, the taking shape and developing gradually of socialist market economy of our country, have promoted the growth of our national economy and quickening of the urbanization process greatly. In order to meet the need of the changing situation, the land utilization system of city of our country has carried on a series of reforms, land utilization from free indefinite is it is it use to paid having time limit, is it flow service orientation develop to have progressively to flow to having.Establishment of the paid utilization system of urban land, especially since the land disposed the market, not merely fully showed and melted the assets value of the land resource, make whom urban poor efficiency utilize allocate land carry on market dispose possible again. Under this kind of background , in order to solve these problems , pass and vitalize the stock land, promoting the state-owned enterprise to reform system, such some cities as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nantong, etc. have carried on the beneficial try, propose " the government uses the market economic means ", through market mechanism being to form urban space and urban function carrier turn into capital and manpower function capital ,etc. recombinate running naturally, utilize social fund to build city extensively , apply management consciousness, operating mechanism and type of operation in market economy ,etc. to the urban construction and managerial, assemble, recombinate to urban assets and operation , promote the rational distribution of resources, realize the investment subject pluralism, the operation marketization of the project, facilities are enjoyed and commercialized ". Especially in land management, control the total amount of construction land strictly , implementthe urban concentration of landholdings and unify the supply, pursue and dispose the land resource by way of market, trying the government will purchase storing etc. to the land resource, and reform system and combine together with the economic restructuring , enterprise, through the project of " returning and entering three two times " etc., realize industrial structure and land utilize structure " pair is optimized ". This is a beginning of the method of " manages the city, deals in the landing " of our country.Because the urban government has failed to run the law and operate to the land according to the assets for many years, it is urban to be cause the land resource one use and " to the limit their strength, to make the best use of everything " it is getting farther apart still: Allocate land spontaneous trade in a large amount, it makes to be should by huge land income loss that country make to a few unit and individual of the hand not merely, and apt to cause the multicipital supply of land, the total amount is out of control, the disorder situation of land market, make the government difficult and adjust and control effectively the land market supply and demand , has provided the hotbed for breeding of the corruption. Today, the city management idea is being developed constantly, as " city manage " important component " urban land deal in " ", should cause the abundant attention of the urban government. It means mainly the urban government is on the premise of keeping urban land ownership that the land manages in the urban government, pass to such market-based operation which is correlated with the right as the right to use of the urban land , power of management ,etc, solve the problem with unordered land utilization efficiency low , urban construction fund shortage , city's development.It is an item of comprehensive business activities to operate to the urban land, it involves the participation of such much departments as the territory , real estate management , urban construction ,etc, we should treat cautiously . This literary grace fetches the method that the theoretical research combines with positive research, has done more abundant studying to the management way of urban land and operation procedure ; And has proposed relevant countermeasures to the current situation of urban land management at present. The purpose that I write this text lies in analysing urban land basic component and relevant mechanisms that manages from the theory mainly, expect to do one to supplement to the research of management of urban land of our country effectively in theory , store and play a certain guidance arrivesing role for the present urban land in practice.This text is formed by eight parts altogether, the concrete thinking of writing is as follows: First part ,Document survey . Various kinds of questions managed to the urban land mainly, have done the survey and appraised to the domestic and international research dynamic status and...
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