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Study On Patterns Of Land Readjustment

Posted on:2006-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155455479Subject:Human Geography
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Land readjustment is a sort of technique or tool that can solve problems of urban land utilization. In recent years, land readjustment is one of the hot issues in the study field of land use and land management. Scholars applying the concept of land readjustment or land consolidation to regional development have been using a number of different definitions and measures. Commonly, land readjustment refers to a kind of government land improvement measure that with adjusting or reconstructing land-use composition so as to utilize urban land resource persistently, which based on urban developing stratagem and city planning. Applying the technique of land readjustment on case study areas can be useful to achieve the target of intensive utilization of urban land, corresponding use urban land persistently with economical development, restraining the tendency which plantation is taken up by construction and advancing the quality of environment. It is significant that adopt which pattern to operate land readjustment and equip correlative guarantee measures in practice land readjustment. Therefore, the choice and actualization of land readjustment pattern is of consequence in theory and operation of land readjustment.A number of countries and areas, such as Germany, Holland, Russia, Japan and Taiwan, etc. have actualized land readjustment for a long time and a lot of experience has been accumulated. However, study on land readjustment in Chinese Mainland begins late. Under the background, based upon actuality of land use in case areas, after land readjustment units being divided, land readjustment patterns which adapt to different land readjustment units are chosen. Then the thesis attempts to discuss the operations of land readjustment patterns in detail. The whole thesis is...
Keywords/Search Tags:land readjustment, Jiangbei District, land utilization, land readjustment units, pattern, urban renewal, shifting from labor-intensive industry to service economy, renovation of city village, land reserve institution
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