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Analysis And Research On The Logistics Management Information System Of Star Commercial Chain Supermarket

Posted on:2005-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125969604Subject:Business Administration
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Studying and discussing modern logistics management, supply chain management and business reengineering and other relevant theories and methods, combing closely the concrete situations of the Henan Star Commercial Chain Corporation, aiming at the problems in logistics system, this paper applies the modern science management theories and methods and modern information technology to improve its logistics management information system.The author follows the theory of enterprise re-building to carry out enterprise reform project and optimize organization structure and operation procedures before setting up the modern logistics management information system faced the commercial chain corporations, as provide premise and guarantee with realizing logistics information system function, and the paper makes system analysis and overall design to the logistics management in the light of the new work procedure based on the old system. The author emphasizes to design three subsystems: logistics purchasing management, stock management and logistics distribution management. In purchasing management, in order to reduce the blindness in purchasing proceeding and reduce the purchasing cost, all the information of commodity demands, marketing and inventory are synthetically considered. In inventory management, realizing uniform management and centralized storage by distribution center. The author emphasizes to design stock batch management, commodity alarm and automatically replenishing inventory handling modular to reduce the stock cost.With regard to distribution management, the author designs the distribution and transportation management modular to regular rationally the vehicle management and distribution route to reduce the transportation cost and improve the management standard.The paper points out the key factors which influence the profit ability of commercial corporations by the research of logistics management practice of commercial corporations based on the theory and method of modern logistics and supply chain management. It will make corporations optimize the business proceeding of commodity logistics, reduce commodity logistics cost, and enforce corporations' profit ability and meet the customer's demands.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics Information System, Commercial Chains, Purchasing Management, Inventory management Distribution Management
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