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Analysis And Research On The Logistics Management Information System Of Commercial Chain Corporation'S Based On Supply Chain Management

Posted on:2003-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092465322Subject:Business Administration
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In the present more and more sharp market competition environment, it is an important problem for commercial chain corporations to satisfy the consumers' demands better, raise the market-occupying rate, and remain the competition superiority. Logistics management is an important part of commercial chain corporations' management, so it is an important aspect to reduce the logistics cost for the commercial chain corporations to improve the core competition power.Applying modern logistics management and supply chain management theories, combining closely the concrete situations of the Sanlian commercial total company, this paper sets up the modem logistics management information system faced the commercial chain corporations. The writer puts forward corresponding system objects according to the needs of the enterprise development strategy, makes system analysis and overall design to the logistics management in the light of the new work procedure, and advances overall structure and logic structure of new system based on the old system. The writer emphasizes to design three subsystems: stock management, logistics transportation management and logistics purchasing management, and raises the scheme to realize them.As to the stock management, the writer designs it from four sides: efficiency, elaboration, quantity, assistance, and emphasizes to design stock batch management, commodity alarm and automatically replenishing inventory handling modular to reduce the stock cost. With regard to logistics purchasing management, the writer designs the purchasing management and supplier management to realize automation of purchasing management, reinforce theinformation exchange and connection with the suppliers to reduce the purchasing cost. Concerning logistics transportation management, the writer designs the distribution transportation management modular to regulate rationally the vehicle management and transportation route to reduce the transportation cost and improve the management standard.This paper also designs an assisted ordering deciding support subsystem about stock management which is the core section of logistics management, and provides an assisted ordering deciding model about stock management by using proper Economic Order Quantity Model. According to trade characteristic, the writer quantizes the evaluation system about stock management and offers the measures to examine and supervise it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics System, Supply Chain Management,Commercial Chains,Economic Order Quantify Model,Stock Management
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