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Value-chain Based Enterprise Integrated Supply-chain Logistics Management Research

Posted on:2005-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152455921Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The competition in 21 century is time-based competition, with the advancement and prevalence of technology, enterprises emerge assimilative tendency in cost, quality and service, thus the reaction speed will decides the enterprises' market competition advantage. In view of these, it's unreality and uneconomical to meet customers' requirement by one enterprise, so relevant enterprises should associate and serve the customers by means of supply chain, which lead to the supply-chain-based market competition.Integrated supply-chain is the development of supply-chain when computer and communications technology run to a high level, which based on the information shared and information-flow integration, it treats those key suppliers and customers as enterprise's fellowship and builds steady cooperation from the point of enterprise stratagem, it's the general integration of logistics management, work-flow management, information-flow management, capital-flow management and value-chain management between or within the enterprises.Data show that in developed countries such as USA and Japan, direct labor cost is under 10% of total enterprise cost which is reducing, while logistics cost share 40% of total cost. This indicates that the profit from production process is nearly fully exploited and hardly to get any more, but logistics exists great space to develop. For this, researchers call logistics the 3rd sources of enterprise benefit, which means should to reduce the logistics cost as well as reducing the production cost and sales cost.Guided by integrated supply-chain idea, under the support of information technology, through availably management means, Enterprise integrated supply-chain logistics management tries to turn all sectors of enterprise supply-chain logistics activities into a entirety and achieve the integration of enterprise logistics activities which result in the integration of all enterprises' logistics activities in supply chain.This paper conducts the research on enterprise logistics management in integrated supply-chain from the point of value-chain. There're 6 chapters.Chapter one is the opening. It raises the purpose and importance of research on integrated supply chain logistic management, and sets the research direction, content and methods.Chapter two introduces the three basic theories of research, which are value chain theory, integration theory and competitive cooperation theory.Chapter three introduces the integration stage and content of integrated supply chain based on the introducing of supply chain, meanwhile introduce the application of value chain in supply chain integrated management.Chapter four shows us the enterprise logistic management in integrated supply chain from point of logistics management information system, purchasing, production and sales, and the purchasing and supply logistics management is the key of this chapter.Chapter five presents a practice of integrated supply chain logistics.Chapter six is the summarization of research and the prospect is advanced in this chapter.
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