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Research On Several Key Technical Issues In Agile Supply Chain

Posted on:2002-07-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062985143Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Based on the analysis and overview of related literature and research status quo in agile supply chain(ASC), this thesis is mainly concerned with several key enabled technology in ASC including ASC foundational theory,ASC integrated modeling methodology, partner selection, workflow management system supporting ASC and the application of agent in ASC. The thesis aims to provide theoretical and methodological guidance for ASC's research.On the basis of analysis the competitive environment of today's enterprises, Chapter 1 firstly discusses the origin of supply chain research and the emergence of ASC. The objective of the thesis is then pointed out, and the research frame is presented after the state of the art in ASC is reviewed.Chapter 2 introduces foundational theory and enabled technology in ASC. The construct model is presented and related definitions are also given. The supply chain value model is established based on traditional value chain theory. In addition, The essence and Classification of ASC are discussed. Finally, the establishment process and several enabled technology are analyzed.Chapter 3 gives a new modeling methodology IASCMM, establishes gross model of ASC, analyses the mapping of multiple views. The multiple views modeling methodology is used to describe the layered modeling process from requirement definition, design explanation, implementation to operation maintenance phase. A multiple views reference scenario is summed up, modeling levels are divided and the model components(MC) in PPC domain are listed as well. In the end, the reusable MC design method based on CBR(case based reasoning) is presented.In chapter 4, The essence of cooperative partner relationship is discussed firstly, Then We abstract the relationships between supply chain enterprises as Principal-agent relation, Moreover, we deduce the cooperative partner relationship model ,give the partner selection model and establish evaluation criteria frame. A fuzzy multiple attributes decision algorithm is presented to resolve partner selection problem. In our algorithm, the AHP is used to calculate evaluation weights and we utilize integration method synthesize the results by different decision algorithms.Chapter 5 firstly analyses the enterprise process and its characteristics, then process management and monitor modes in different situation are discussed. In this chapter, formal method is used to describe related content of process management. The banker algorithm is adopted for resource distribution problem in workflow management system. In addition, We analyze the interoperability problem and explore four typical interoperability models. The ASC_WfMF and a WfMS architecture combining with WEB and CORBA technology are presented to resolve the single point integration problem of WfMS.At the beginning of Chapter 6, the advantages of using agent technology in ASC is listed, Then a formal definition of agent is given, based on it, a hybrid agent model is presented. After analyzing the organization form agent, We give the definition of virtual agent federation and discuss the function of facilitator. The "one to one" negotiation model and "one to many" auction model are concluded. Moreover, the mechanism design method based on revelation principle ispresented and several valuable conclusions are given. At the end of this chapter, multi_agent system architecture and software frame are designed(in appendix, the prototype system based on mobile agent technology in OL_CIMS project is introduced).In chapter 7, all achievements of the thesis are summarized and the future research work is sketched out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agile Supply Chain, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Dynamic Alliance, Agile Supply Chain Integrated Model, Multiple Views Modeling, Partner Selection, Workflow Management System, Agent/Multi_Agent, Negotiation
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