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Research Of H Automobile Co.Ltd's Materials Flow Management In The Environment Of Supply Chain

Posted on:2006-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360152497587Subject:Business Administration
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With the integration of the globe economic and the rapid improvement of requirement variation and personalization, Chinese manufactures are confronted with more changing, complicated and hard competition than before. More and more company set up or joined the supply chain in order to pursue win-win. In point of fact, the supply chain management is inevitable choice for the development and survival of manufactures. Experts predicted: the market competition in 21st century is not amony enterprises but in supply chain. It is perplexing problem for many enterprises that how to rapidly and effectirely meet the diversification of customer's demands, and relize the low cost of company's operation. The core of the supply chain management is to manage the information flow and material flow. In automobil industry, the traditional material flow was only adopted by a single enterprise. So it can't meet with the demands of supply chain management. Under the background, the problem of automobile materials flow management becomes the focus of management researchers and company managers at home and abroad. As an essential constitution of automobile industry's materials flow management, the management of materials flow and inventory was not only effect the overall cost, but also controlled the whole characteristic of supply chain. The conception of supply chain offers inventory management preferable solutions. Under the circumstance, supply chain management asks company to pay attention to the stock control of the entire supply chain but not only to the stock control itself, lessen the demand magnifying phenomenon as possible, establish the strategic partnerships with the supply chain companies, implement the informantion pooling and coordinated operation; in order to improve of the service capacity and the reduce of the stock cost, realize the win-win of the companies. Untimately, implement the active responses to customer demands and the low cost of company's operation. The essay, accoding to H automobile company, based on the principle of supply chain management, pointed out the defect in H company'inventory management of supply chain by a serial methods such as contradistinction, date analysis and flow analysis and so on. At same time, the author proposes the solution design for the company by utilizing relative theories including supply chain management, materials flow management, VMI and inventory optimization and so on. The datail contents are as follows: 1. Introduces the concept and meaning of supply chain and logistic management, up-to-date theory research status and the trends. 2. Explores the problem that china manfactures industry especial the automobile manufactures industry are facing and the according solution. It discusses the meaning of reinforce supply chain management and explains the sigificancee of establishing the supply chain management information system for china automobile industry. 3. Combining the theory of management of supply chain with the specific feature and conditions in H company, the article points out the defect in inventory management problem in final products, i.e, the poor ability of marketing forecast and poor responses to customer proposes Vendor Centrally Managed Inventory mode and design operational steps to implement this mode, including business structure reorganizing and functional deparment integrating; constituting strategic partnership with core vendor; information system'building; combining of the Third Part logistic and self-support logistic, distribution network redesigning. The essay may providing a reference project about inventory management...
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