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Research And Development Of Third Party Logistics Management System Based On The Supply Chain

Posted on:2004-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092470961Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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Third Party Logistics (TPL or 3pls) as the main style of Modern Logistics pushes the development of Supply Chain Management (SCM) which is one of main styles of modern management. Because of TPL high position and importance in the business field,it is very significant to research TPL. The dissertation constructs a way for selecting TPL and the system for evaluating TPL operational performance,researches technologies related to the model and the system in their implementation,and builds an evaluating system management of framework of TPL Performance.In the first chapter,the internal and external development situation of Modern Logistics and TPL was analyzed. The relationship between SCM core competence and TPL was clarified. The tendencies of TPL development in the future was analyzed,and finally,the dissertation' content was determined.The second chapter analyzed the cost-cutting and efficiency for pushing the development of TPL,introduced the process for TPL to produce efficiency and discussed the successful factors in the operational processes of TPL.In the third chapter,an evaluation index system for selecting TPL was created on the basis of analyzing the function and responsibility of TPL. In addition,the mathematical model was built based on the level-analysis method.In the fourth chapter,the detailed index for evaluating TPL' activities was listed on the basis of main function and work content and described in four parts:custom service,transition service,inventory service and logistics cost.In the fifth chapter,the information model for selecting TPL in the SCM based on Internet/Intranet was studied.In the sixth chapter,the implementation method of TPL' performance evaluation was studied. The Logistics Management System based on shared information was discussed and the function model of TPL based on SCM was founded. A dynamic web- page of the system was introduced.In the seventh chapter,the thesis was summarized and the future prospects were described.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, supply chain management, modern logistics, third party logistics, selection, performance evaluation, system model, integrated model
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