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Research On The Growth Mechanism Of Hi-tech Enterprise Based On Strategic Alliance

Posted on:2005-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152455922Subject:International Trade
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Hi-tech enterprise is the most active factor promoting the development of modern productivity. Not only do the development of hi-tech enterprises determine the competitiveness, but also improve the quality of economic development and change the way of economic growth of a country. The strategic alliance is an important content of business structural changes and global competitive strategy since 1980s, the economic globalization is the main power promoting the development of this trend.Combining with the characters of hi-tech enterprise, this paper proves the inherent consistency of the strategic alliance and high-tech enterprise growth theoretically based on sorting out the theories of enterprise growth and strategic alliance, and establishes an analytic frame of hi-tech enterprise growth mechanism of hi-tech enterprise based on strategic alliance.This paper analyses the growth mechanism of hi-tech enterprise based on strategic alliance with the risk-benefit balanced principle. Firstly, we analyse the establishment of strategic alliance from the choice of organizational structure of alliance and strategic partners, and study the operation and management of the alliance. Secondly, we study the growth impetus of hi-tech enterprise in the strategic alliance, specially research the effect brought by strategic alliance on high-tech enterprise's technological innovation. Finally, we analyse the growth status of hi-tech enterprise under strategic alliance, mainly analyze the influence of strategic alliance on forming and advancing the core competence of hi-tech enterprise. We also set up an evaluating and analyzing model of hi-tech enterprise core competence used to judge the growth status of hi-tech enterprise. Above three sections comprise the growth mechanism of hi-tech enterprise based the strategic alliance. Through analyzing them, we can conclude that strategic alliance is not merely a competitive strategy, but it is an intact running system through the whole course of hi-tech enterprise. Under strategic alliance, hi-tech enterprise is easier to carry out the technological innovation and get more powerful growth impetus, easier to form and advance the core competence.This paper covers (he theoretical analysis and case study, by combining theory with practice. Through study, the concept of traditional strategic alliance is extended. Through analysis and research on many cases in this paper, we reveal that research on the growth mechanism of hi-tech enterprise based on strategic alliance does not only flourish the growth theory of enterprise, but also has a great realistic meaning on the growth of hi-tech enterprises in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:growth mechanism, hi-tech enterprise, strategic alliance, growth impetus
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