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Spatial Networking Theory And Practice

Posted on:2000-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152456670Subject:Regional Economics
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The essence of region is spatial network while that of regional development is spatial e-conomic networking. A region exists as a spatial network only with its growth degree being zero from its start. Regional economy is developing with the development of spatial networking. When spatial networking being high growth, regional economy will develop on high degree. And spatial networking is getting to spatial integration at this time. So we can see that the course of regional development is the course of spatial networking development from low level to high level.Spatial networking, a kind of spatial organization theory, is the way and means to realize the aim of spatial integration which is the result of spatial networking growth on high degree. The static constructure of spatial networking is core-periphery constructure and the mobile constructure is point -line networking constructure. The regional factors constructure of spatial networking made up by the static and the mobile constructure can promote the development of material factors constructure and productive-forces factors flows constructure. The function of spatial networking contains three aspects; promoting regional economy growth, reducing regional disparity and making spatial economy landscape prosperous. The development procedure of spatial networking includes point development and line development and networking development. The development mechanism of spatial networking contains the dynamic mechanism which is the mechanism of growth pole and the motive mechanism which is the mechanism of flows. On the basis of above theory, an index system and a mathematics model can be set up to measure the growth degree of its spatial networking through the ways conbined mathematics with figure theory.This thesis also takes Hubei Province for example to calculate the growth degree of its spatial networking and determine its stage and division of area and establishes its spatial growth poles and developing lines by the main factors analysis. With the help of these results we can determine the spatial structure and stage of Hubei Province's spatial networking development and put forward some strategy measures of its spatial networking development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Core-periphery constructure, Point-line networking constructure, Mechanism of growth pole, Mechanism of flows, Growth degree of spatial networking, Spatial networking development
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