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Study And Discussion On Annual Rent System Of State-Owned Allocated Land

Posted on:2005-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The scarcity of land, coupled with increasing population and growing economy make it important to coordinate the relationship between protection of land and economic development. The academy now is intensively focusing on the following topics such as how to deepen the state-own land use system reform, how to vitalize the state-own land asset, how to decrease the loss of state-own land's value and how to normalize the land market.Now some cities is experiencing a new land use method-the yearly leasing system for state-own land. However some theoretical and operational problems remain open. For example, what's the basis to enforce the yearly leasing system, what is the scope of its application, how to determine the rent and what is the characteristic of the property right of the land for yearly lease. This article review the development of the state-own land system, analyze problems brought by the diversification of property right of the state-own land, clarify necessity and feasibility of enforcing yearly leasing system and provide guiding principles to employ the yearly leasing system for state-own land.The yearly leasing system for land refers to a system in which the people's government above the county level, on behalf of the state-own land leases the possession right of state-own land to users and charges the land users a leasing fee every year. One of the most critical difference between this new system and the tractitional one is that land users need not pay a pile sum of rent for dozens of years and that the yearly leasing fees can be adjusted during the tenure, thus minimizing the value loss of the state-own land.This article contains the following five chapters:1. The first chapter is the introduction to the article. In this chapter the development of state-own land system is revived and problems inherent in this system are presented.2. In the second chapter the definition of yearly leasing system for land is clarified and the significance of employing the system is identified.3.In this chapter the author presents the theoretical and judicial basis to employ the yearly-leasing system for land use.4. The de fourth chapter is about the application of the yearly-leasing system. In this chapter the author thoroughly investigation possible wags to applicate the yearly-leasing system in the real world economy and presents his in -depth research on the core of yearly-leasing system-the way to calculate the yearly-leasing fee.5. In the fifth chapter the author presents his conclusions that the yearly-leasing system is inline with the reform of priced utilization of state-own land, that it can effectively solve problems inherent in the old land system, that it can vitalize the state-own land asset and in crease the utilization rate of urban land and that it can optimic the structure of urban land utilization. As a result. The yearly-leasing system will prevait throughout the country.The yearly leasing system for land originate and will improve in the economic reform of china. As a land management professional, I hope to contribute to the in-depth research and employment of the yearly leasing system for state-own land by the delivery of this article.
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