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Study Of Competitive Bidding Quotation Strategies And Tactics In Construction Project

Posted on:2005-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T J FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152465896Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Bidding results comprise multitudinous and intricacy effective factors. Analysing is difficult for its fuzzy information. Studying strategies and tactics in construction project bidding systemically based on analyzing the effective factors in construction project bidding is a good study idea. Selecting and seeking decision methods according to construction project bidding characteristics , and searching methods of resolving problem in bidding quotation have study value.This paper includes studies as follows. The first is the foundation or integrated stratagy factor analyse system in construction project bidding, using the theories of technological economics and informatics and methods integrating qualitative analysis and. quantitative analysis. Secondly, in the study of decision-making method for optimum seeking of bidding projects, use the Analytic Hierarchy Process, (AHP) and entrypy weight method in decision of multiple objectives. Determining the expert weight coefficient in group in AHP availably using clustering principle. Analyse information more exact applying entropy eight method.The third, build up the strategy system steering construction project bid quotation through correlative strategy analysis methods. Finally, a bid quotation decision model is founded considering the competitor' s bidding history and corporation' s competitive strategy situation, based on analyzing conventional bidding quotation decision model basing on competitors.This paper studies on the background of The Fifth Engineer Ltd. , China Railway First Group Co.,Ltd' study on strategies and tactics in construction project bidding. Based on bidding practice of constructe projects,this paper will help constructe corporations in China establish bidding decisions and enhance competitive capability of bidding in general tendency that constructe project bidding adapt to international bid and call at present.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bidding Decision, Bidding Stratagy, Strategy Factor, Bidding Quotation
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