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The Compeitive Bidding System In The Development Of Engineerings

Posted on:2005-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a important innovation of the Chinese engineering field, the enforcement of the competitive bidding system of engineering has greatly inspired the development of construction enterprises, however, the compromise in the enforcement of "Competitive Bidding Law of the PRC" and problems in the legal procedures, especially the corruption, has seriously hindered the development of the basic system in the engineering field. As a result, in some projects, the competitive bidding system has actually lost its really function, and cost great unnecessary loss to the society and enterprises. This article is trying to discuss the function, importance, problem and solutions of the competitive bidding system in both theory and practicing.This article is aimed to present some positive analysis and suggestions regarding how to improve the rules and legal procedures of the engineering competitive bidding system, and to create a united, open and fair competitive market. First, the article will introduce the concepts, development history, legal features and functions of the engineering competitive bidding system; in the second part, detail discussion will be given to the basic principles in the practicing of the system and current problems in the operation; thirdly, the author will give her own suggestions to how to solve such problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Engineering, Competitive Bidding Law, Public Bidding Invited Bidding, Compulsory Bidding
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