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The Basel II And Bank Capital Supervision In China

Posted on:2006-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C P GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152476211Subject:World economy
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Recently, the practice of international finance supervision have indicated that the risk supervision which focus on Capital Adequacy supervision have been the trend of bank supervision necessarily. The international standard of Capital Adequacy Regulation-- Basel committee has been popular adopted all over the world. After the capital supervision framework in Basel II coming on, it gradually becomes the chief standard and guidance in bank supervision by all the countries. in 1996,China begin to run the capital adequacy supervision, but the capital adequacy ratios is only one of the targets of bank supervision in our country, and it has not been regarded enough as a tool of risk supervision. Therefore, the level of capital adequacy supervision is still somehow far away from The Basel II.As the capital supervision framework in Basel II will be spread gradually all over the world, our central bank must consult the standard in order to supervise the commercial banks in our country in a period. So we must take measures aiming at the new framework as soon as possible, in order to make the capital adequacy supervision of our commercial banks to fulfill the demands of development of international finance management and the steadily development of our finance market. The article will discuss the actuality of capital supervision in our country, and deeply analyze the distance to The Basel II, and then put forward some advice correspondingly. Simultaneity, the thesis combines of the measures of capital adequacy ratios management of commercial banks to analyze the trend of the capital supervision framework in our country. This is one characteristic of the thesis.The logic of this thesis is: the first part is the introduction of evolution of Basel committee and the framework of The Basel II. Through the development of Basel committee, it first analyzes the capital supervision framework of The Basel II as an emphasis. In the second part, it introduces the actuality of our bank capital adequacy supervision. And then analyzes the trend of our capital supervision of bank. In the last part, it discusses the development direction of international capital supervision, and also gives some correlative policy advice. The structure of this thesis is as follows:The first chapter "The bank capital supervision framework in The Basel II": It first reviews the produce and edition of Basel committee briefly, explaining that the Basel committee is the most important direction and consult of capital supervision and cooperation of supervision in the world. The editing of Basel committee, which is performed from 1988, reflects the development and changes of the international finance market nearly. The final edition of The Basel II, which was published in June 2004, inherits a series principle of Basel committee roundly. It implies that the single restriction just including capital adequacy should be developed to the corporate restriction, which depends on mini-ratios of capital adequacy, external supervision and market restriction. According to the comparison between 1988 Basel committee and The Basel II, we can draw the outline of the basic trend of capital supervision in international finance market. The article says that the Basel II is the popular regulation in international banking and it is important to our reform of commercial bank. Then the author indicates the fulfilling arrangement of The Basel II, and analyzes the demand of environment of The Basel II. These arguments make base for the latter in next part which is related to the shortcoming of capital supervision of our country. The second chapter "the actuality of our bank capital supervision and distance to The Basel II": In this chapter, the main emphasis turned to the analysis of bank capital supervision in our country. The general situation of the development of capital supervision in our bank from 1998 to 2003 is reviewed in the part, which include four aspects: the evolution of supervision system, the strategy of enriching capital funds, arrangement o...
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