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Research On Farmland Quality Present Condition And Counterplan In Tianjin

Posted on:2006-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The our country population increases year by year, but the farmland reduces year by year, the farmland quality is total not high, take up again annually is the quality compare good of farmland, open up the complementary mostly inferior farmland, certanly will the pressure of the enlargement food safety. The current nation practices the most strict protection policy to the farmland quantity, but have to neglect to the farmland quality.Tianjin is a more flourishing metropolis of the industry and business industry, needing a great deal of construction and ecosystems to use the ground, this produces the huge pressure to the origin for the already short of farmland resources, farmland quantity, quality and it manages to all exist the more outstanding problem. This text is for the existent problem of farmland resources present condition of Tianjin and the farmland qualities, the farmland produces the potential, carrying on the more thorough research, putting forward the counterplan of the farmland quality management,that putting forward the sound farmland management the law system, open the exhibition farmland land productivity inquisition, the farmland soil fixed position monitor, depend on science and technology progress exaltation farmland comprehensive produce ability etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:farmland, food safety, farmland productivity, farmland quality management
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