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Study On Legal Problems Of Basic Farmland Protection

Posted on:2020-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K TongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596966533Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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"Very cherish and reasonable use of every inch of land,earnestly protect the arable land" is China's basic national policy,the basic farmland as China's arable land resources of the most high-quality components,is the cornerstone of China's food security.Therefore,the most important thing to protect the cultivated land resources is to protect the basic farmland.China has successively promulgated relevant systems and measures,such as the basic farmland protection system,the policy of dynamic balance of the total amount of cultivated land,and the land use control system,so that the protection of basic farmland has achieved certain results.However,from the macro perspective,the "double decline" trend of the quality and quantity of basic farmland in China has not been effectively controlled.This paper studies the legal issues of basic farmland protection and puts forward corresponding countermeasures,so as to realize the purpose of not reducing the basic farmland area and improving the quality of basic farmland.Firstly,in order to better understand the concept of basic farmland,the concepts of cultivated land,permanent basic farmland and basic farmland are defined respectively.Secondly,it enumerates the changes of basic farmland protection system,and then makes a systematic quantitative and qualitative analysis on the indicators of basic farmland quantity,quality protection,legislation and law enforcement,and finally makes a performance evaluation.Secondly,it points out that the basic farmland planning violates the planning principles and other issues,and proposes to ensure that the land and resources departments of the planning subject strictly follow the planning principles together with the agricultural departments by clarifying the relevant provisions of the planning and conducting all-round supervision.Thirdly,by studying the "double decline" of the quality and quantity of basic farmland,this paper points out that the main reasons are that the subject of basic farmland protection is not clear and the implementation of the balance system of occupation and compensation is not effective,and puts forward some countermeasures such as clarifying the subject of basic farmland protection and strengthening the implementation of the balance system of occupation and compensation.Fourthly,it clarifies the concepts of agricultural subsidy,ecological protection compensation and basic farmland protection compensation,and establishes the meaning of basic farmland protection compensation.Then through the introduction of basic farmland legislation status and problems,put forward to improve basic farmland protection compensation legislation countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resources, basic farmland, farmland system, system performance, basic farmland compensation
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