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Thoughts On Government Economic Function Transforming In Socialistic Market Economy System

Posted on:2006-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152486495Subject:Political Theory
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Government economic function transforming has always been the main content of our country's economic system reform, especially after entering WTO it has become the hot issue attracting people's focus recently. That how the government plays its role in economic operation transformations its function and establishes a sound macroeconomic regulation system, is one of the central links in establishing socialistic market economy system basic framework and also is the main problem of furthering reform to make superstructure adapt to economic base and prompt economic development. Under socialistic market economy system, to improve government economic function constantly and to deal with the relation between government and the market has vital theoretical and realistic significance. This thesis has consisted of three parts. Part I has a scientific analysis towards the evolution process of government function. First of all, a recall has made towards the evolution process of government function in human social history and in Chinese modern history. During the developing history of human society, government economic function has gone through about three phases, that is, finite intervention and coordination phase, participating and dominating phase and comprehensive intervention phase. During Chinese modern history, it approximately has three phases, that is, the period in wartime reform basis, period after new China establishment before reform and open-up, period after reform and open-up. Secondly, that government economic function evolution is the interaction process between market malfunction and government malfunction has been discussed and analyzed. Market regulation and government intervention are then indispensable, closely-related and interweaved components. It has been proved that market malfunction requires government direct participation or intervention towards economy, and government malfunction asks for decreasing government direct participation and regulation towards economic activities. Market regulation and government intervention are not universal, which both have intrinsical drawbacks and malfunctions. The key to the solution lies in looking for a best integration method between economic and social developing market system and government regulation, to make government intervention could avoid and overcome government malfunction while supplementing market malfunction, which mean a great theoretical and realistic significance towards our country's socialistic market economy system. Part II has proved that transferring government economic function is objective, inevitable need of our country's socialistic market economy system. Socialistic market economy system is the objective and aim of our country's economic system reform, not only possessing common characters of market economy but also owning individual characters of socialistic system. Therefore, our country government economic function has to meet not only market economic system needs but also the socialistic system needs. The first points out, comparing with government economic function in planned economy system, government economic function in market economic system has changed in range, content and the implementation ways. Secondly, it has analyzed government economic functions required by socialistic system. The nature of socialism is to constantly emancipate and develop the productive forces, eliminate exploitation, exterminate polarization to bring about common prosperity. In circumstances of socialistic market economy, purely market system could not make common prosperity come true, which is the productive objective of socialism, only with the power of government has it the possibility to become reality. Therefore, those are the special economy functions undertaken by socialistic countries' government--- keeping public ownership in a dominant position, making directory planning ways as the foundation of government economy function, taking comprehensive establishment a relatively comfortable standard of living and promotion of common pr...
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