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The Study On Government Supervision Of Food Safety In China

Posted on:2006-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152489292Subject:Administrative Management
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Food safety is nowadays one of the focus questions that people pay close attention to in the world. Food safety problem have been become the whole world problem that people pay the utmost attention to because of the eat source disease every year. Since reform and opening-up, balanced that the supply of food of our country has grown from shortage to the supply and demand. In the past , people only took care of food enough, but now people want to eat the nutrition, healthy food .However, the current food safety situation of our country is not optimistic : the food poisoning incidents of newspaper and TV repeatedly make people puzzle what they should buy , what they should eat. The main reason lies in the traditional food supervisory system has not met the need of development yet duringthe transition course of socialist market economic. It has already extremely urgent to set up the food safety supervisory system suitable for the China' s actual conditions.This paper have proposed the supervisory system of food safety with characteristic of Chinese through the comparative research of the theory and practice to the domestic and international on food safety, based on Chinese concrete conditions. The paper divides into five parts: Food safety and influencing , food safety factor analysis, overseas theories and practice, domestic theories and practice and the countermeasure . This paper has introduced the relevant concepts of the food safety, including the influence at first, and analysed the influencing factor from the general angle. Through comparing with theory and practice that the domestic and international food safety supervises, this paper have summarized the disparity. Finally, combine the above analysis, this paper have put forward the thinking of the supervision system .starting with such respects as the legal construction , organization , management mode and controlling the system. I hope the paper can play a certain reference role.
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