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Hotel Revenue Management Researching

Posted on:2006-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152491482Subject:Tourism Management
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With the development of service industry and intensive marketing competition, hotel industry faces both good opportunity and sharp challenge at the same time. The revenue management is an efficient method to increase the profit and enhance the competition ability. The revenue management originated from US airline industry at the end of the 1970s.The revenue management is widely applied into the hotel industry only next to the airline industry. In china the research and study to the revenue management just begins its initial step. It is not only significant to develop the theory of revenue management but also has practical value to increase the hotel profit and level of the service, if we make a future study of the revenue management in the hotel industry.The object in my thesis is the hotel revenue management. The hotel's income is not only from the housekeeping department but also from other departments, the arrival time and stay period for different guest is different, therefore, the hotel revenue management is more complex than airline industry and deserved a research. The aim of study the hotel revenue management is to seek the maximum profit, that is to say, average rent multiply the room occupancy is maximum. Supposed the cost is fixed and the total income is high, the profit is high. The main product in a hotel is the room, the room distribution is to confirm high rent rooms to the reserved guests from whom the hotel can get a larger profit and limit the number of low rent rooms, which will get a little profit according to setting price policy under the premise of the exact prediction. Exceeding reservation is to avoid influencing the income because of the changed reservation and guest absence; the key is how to confirm the number of exceeding reservation. At present the hotel revenue management doesn't reach a high level, the concept of marketing fails behind, computer system function is urgent to be updated, a hotel has many barriers to fulfill the revenue management. But the revenue management will be popularized with the set-up and improvement of a information management system and the mature condition of developing and applying the revenue management.The thesis is divided into six sections to make a research and analysis of a hotel revenue management:The first section analyzes the study background and current situation of its relative theories. Expounding the study significance, methodology, and contents framework, explaining some basic concepts.The second section introduces the birth and development of the revenue management, analyzing the features to practice the revenue management and the characteristics of a hotel's operation, drawing a conclusion that hotel industry is fit for to use the revenue management.The third section analyzes the policy and methodology of the revenue management; including the demand prediction, exceeding reservation, room distribution, setting different price and group reservation.The fourth section makes a study of support system, demonstrating the requirements for software, management and information system.The fifth section studies and discusses whether it is feasible for the hotel industry to set up the revenue management in China. It carries out an assay and researches the countermeasure aiming for the extant barriers and the forthcoming qualifications.The sixth section sums up the thesis, putting forward the tactics and the suggestion of introducing hotel revenue management, prospecting the development of study the hotel revenue management.The innovation of this thesis lies (1) the object, choosing the hotel revenue management as the object, (2) the methodology, studying the group revenue management and patterns of room distribution, (3) the content, making a systematical arrangement and research of the hotel revenue management theory and discussing if it is feasible to carry out the revenue management according to the hotel's real situation in ChinaGeneral speaking, this thesis reaches the basic aim. Because of the revenue management is a stronger applied field, in the time...
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