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Study And Framing Of Fruit Industry Development Layout In Beijing

Posted on:2006-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the relevant national spirit of developing economic forest, the fundamental frame of Beijing agricultural " 221 plan" and the request of the suburb area meeting, it was investigated and analyzed that the present condition and problems, market background, social background, industry background, sight-seeing industry of fruit tree, resources and environment for growing fruit tree were appeared in Beijing fruit industry in this study. Combined with suggestion of experts from fields of society, economy, agriculture, fruit tree and planning, the fruit industry development layout of Beijing was studied and framed according to development layout of economy and society in Beijing as well as the goal of realizing modernization and city environmental construction.The results of investigation and analysis shows: First, after our joining WTO, the circulation market of fruit in Beijing is confronted with severe domestic and foreign competition at price, quality and cost. Which requires Beijing fruit industry to adjust industrial structure, to increase fruit productivity, to create its preponderant brand, to establish the system of the fruit commercialized treatment of post-harvest and the supporting system of science and technology for fruit production and to improve systematization of the fruit industry.Secondly, The fruit industry functions doubly as to improve ecological environment and enrich the farmers. As well as, for its unique cultural meaning and high nutritious and curative value it vitalizes such industries as traveling, packing, transportation, processing, biomedicine etc.Thirdly, after a decade of reformation, adjustment, construction and development, the fruit industry of Beijing has formed its own features. (1)an obvious increase in area, yield and benefit. (2) forming of localized distribution of fruit industry, eg. the big peach industry in Pinggu, pear industry in Daxing etc. (3) obvious increase of carrying ability of science and technology. (4)Change of managing concept and producing method. (5) facilitation of fruit circulation by Farmers' cooperative organization. Municipal, County and professional association of fruit industry were established in 2002.Fourthly, there are problems in Beijing fruit industry.(1)Lacking of famous brand and marketing system for fruit. (2)Lag of commercialized treatment. There was no a professional organization for fruit selecting, washing and packing. Currently, stored fruit was 9% and processed 6%. (3) insufficiently exertion of the producing advantage of fruit. The rate of the good quality fruit was low and the varieties need further adjustment, resources advantage needs further development, localized cultivation and standardization should be stressed enough, sightseeing industry needs to be developed urgently.From above investigation, analysis and reasoning it shows, the guideline of Beijing fruit tree industry should be the unity of economic, ecologic and social benefit, the unity of production, life and ecology, the unity of localization, scale, specialization industrialization and information. The general strategic target is to establish a new pattern of localization, well-breeding, standardization and integrity of produce and sale, to establish web marketing system ,social service system and government supporting and protecting system so that the Beijing fruit industrialization can reach the average level of the world in 2007, nearthe advanced level of the world in 2010.The specific target is: (1)to create special brand and to establish multilevel of commercialized treatment system for Bejing fruit; (2)to stabilize fruit area at 3 million mu or so and Its yield reaching 1.4 billion kilograms as well as the fruit income reaching 3.5 billion yuan. (3) to establish creative system of science and technology for fruit industry; taking lead in preserving germ plasm and fine fruit varieties, water-saving cultivating especially bio-water-saving in our country. Decrease irrigating water to 50-70%. (4) to increase the rate of exquisite fruit from 30% to 60%, and export...
Keywords/Search Tags:Fruit industry, present condition and problem, market background, strategic guideline, development layout
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