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Present Condition And Counterplan Of Transportation Supervision Market Development

Posted on:2004-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122960021Subject:Traffic and Transportation Engineering
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In our country, there are many important acts in the project management system reform of engineering construction field. One of the acts is practicing engineering project supervision system. Ministry of Communications is one of the earliest departments which practice engineering project supervision. At themidterm in 1980's, Ministry of Communications began practicing engineering supervision of engineering construction project in road and water transport. It experienced two stages (trial and steady development). In 1996, it went into a stage of full-stale development. After 10 years, the transportation construction supervision legal system has been set up and developed steadily. There are more and more persons engaged in supervision. It developed quickly and experienced a course from weak to strong. In the transportation supervision system, there are approximate 300 supervision enterprises which are ratified qualifications. The amount of supervision engineer is over 20 thousand. 115 thousand persons have taken part in the supervision training of Ministry of Communications and have gone on the job of supervision. Supervision area expands steadily and more and more projects have adopted supervision. Now, supervision market has formed rudimentarily and developed steadily into standardization. It becomes a necessary marketing subject in the transportation construction market.However, there is little theoretic research about supervision market. Market management is in the muddle and there are many problems in it. So, it is necessary and urgent to launch research on supervision for the healthy and quick development of supervision market.This paper analyzes the developing direction and tactics of supervision market. First, it dissects the status quo of the transportation construction supervision market and points out the problems in it. Then, it analyzes the developing status and experience in the world and put forward some developing conditions and tactics according to the situation of our country. It aims to make the marketing development is more systematic, standard and scientific, and meet for the requirements and developing scale of transportation basic facility construction in the next 5 years.In a word, it is necessary, for the quick development of supervision marketin our country, to absorb good means in the world, to summarize the experience and lessons in the past 10 years, to know the developing regularity of supervision system, to research the engineering supervision theory suiting for the Chinese present situation, to build the model of supervision to meet the requirements of times, to search for the developing direction for supervision enterprise and strengthen the supervision working system. At the same time, it is important to use all the means (such as legal, executive, economic, market, and so on) and take advantage of the new situation and chance to push the transportation construction supervision cause into a new stage.
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