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The Medium-Sized And Small Enterprises Credit Administer Of Our Country

Posted on:2006-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The modern market economy is not only the merchandise and legal economic economy but also the credit economy. Enterprise, as the basic principal part, the credit of enterprise became the basic and common form. But today, lack of enterprise credit has become the most serious and projecting issue. Especially, some enterprises are in small scale, weak competition, shortage of capital, difficult to loan, lack of market information and talent. Some swindles that such as take out money, accounts in arrears, escape from liability of bank, malice dodge taxes, bad quality of product etc. These facts disorder the market and prevent the development of enterprise itself. The reasons for these problems can be twofold. The first is the inadequate circumstances in which MSEs (medium-sized and small enterprises) exist. Up to now, the facilitating credit support systems for developing MSEs have not been established or perfected, such as the credit classifying and ranging system for MSEs, the punishing mechanism for credit breaking, the credit evaluation system and the like. The second is the SMEs' lowness in credit rank, the lack or inadequacy of credit system and the disordered relationships among enterprises, resulting in worsening the status of SMEs' low credit rank.SMEs have been played the important role in ensure the stable development of national economics. Mitigate the unemployment pressure, strengthen the nation with science and education, promote the development of technology. As an important national policy, it have attached importance to SMEs' economic management and researching. The government had published the < The law of promotion to middle and small enterprise of People' s Republic of China) to promoted the credit system of SMEs established the collection of credit information and evaluation system. However, the common problems blocking the development of SMEs are the lack of capital and the difficulties in financing which in fact are induced by the lack or inadequacy of SMEs' credit.On account of the importance and the status quo of enterprise' s credit in current period, it is of very significance and importance to emphasize, research and discuss enterprise' s credit, especially SMEs' credit, and its regulating approaches in today' s China.Firstly, here is explored the meaning of credit, the economic function of credit and restate the important position of SMEs, so lead to the importance of administer the credit. Secondly, it expounded the status of SMEs and the harm of lack of credit, and analyzed the credit action of SMEs against the commercial bank as an illustration. So seek the main cause for lack of credit are non-symmetric of information and not perfectof punish system of credit, such as weak basic of property rights, aloof the credit mentality etc. Thirdly, summarized the mature experiences of administer of credit from advanced countries as the reference foundation to the middle and small enterprise in China. Finally, combine the advanced experiences abroad posed the suitable way to administer the credit, foster the good external credit surroundings, established the supporting systems which are suit for China and strengthen the internal administration of middle and small enterprise.
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