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China's Government Administration Reform From The Point Of View Of Government Cost

Posted on:2006-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152991364Subject:Political Theory
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The conception of cost is usually used in the field of economics. Non-profit organizations or institutions are not fully aware of the cost in running and administrating because of their characteristics of non-profit. Besides, our society also pays little attention and exercises less effective supervision to their cost. Both cost and benefits should be stressed.Government and the fulfillment of its functions need cost, which we call government cost. This cost is eventually bored not by the government itself but by the people. However, the government often ignores the cost. With the introduction of western ideas about public management, with the development of China's market economy and the reform on the system of government administration, government cost is arousing public attention. At present, such ideas as "low-cost government", "service government", "responsible government" and "limited government" and the reform on public car-using, in essence, are directly related to government cost. And what mentioned above initiates not only academic circles to study government cost but also the government itself to take cost seriously and cultivate the conception of cost, benefit and input-output.China's government cost is relatively high, so it is of realistic and historic importance to make a study of government cost and to control and cut government cost predicated on effective public service. However, domestic study on government is still in its beginning stages; what's worse, ideas about what government cost is differ. And overseas studies are also not easy to approach. So the author just tries her best to make a tentative exploration on government cost. For any errors of facts or judgment contained in the paper I am, of course, solely responsible.This paper includes 4 sections. In the first section, the conception of government cost is provided. Section 2 mainly introduces the theoretical basis and social background of government cost. And in section 3, the author will analyze the cost of China's government administration at present. Section 4 offers some methods of control and cut the cost in administrating government.
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