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Monitor The Effectiveness Of Government Administration In China Problems And Solutions

Posted on:2010-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economy and society,the function of government is changing from politids ruling to society management and society service,administrative efficacy lifting is increasingly becoming the subject of our country government management at present. Accordingly,admiistrative efficacy supervision,which aims at supervising and lifting administrative efficacy,is becoming an important job content of various levels local government and administrative efficacy organs.All we want to see is that various levels local government and its servants work hard,put Partty and country's policy and line into effect and carry out according to law,ceaseless lifting administrative efficacy.Now,the society is showing more and more attention on how to fulfill the goal by administrative efficacy supervision.In this paper, firstly the effectiveness of monitoring from the administrative connotation start of its meaning and in-depth analysis of the content on the basis of the performance monitoring of administrative and other related concepts to the analysis of the relationship, then this article from the Government to improve efficiency, promote reform and development, to promote the party's work style clean government and combat corruption development, promoting administration according to law on the administrative performance of the four aspects of the role of monitoring were analyzed, after which the text to analyze and solve administrative issues related to performance monitoring to provide theoretical basis.Secondly,based on the comprehensive analysis of the present situation in China,the author tries to point out administrative efficacy supervision's main problems at present.These problems are as following.Firstly,the lagging of administrative efficacy supervision legislation;Secondly,lacking of whole journey's administrative efficacy supervision;Thirdly,the main body of administrative efficacy supervision is unitary;Fourthy,lacking of systematic index system of administrative efficacy supervision;Fifthly,it is still necessary to perfect the responsibility invertigates mechanism.Thirdly the previous text of this article, based on the 10 made from the Perfection of administrative measures to monitor performance:First, to the guidance of scientific concept of development, deepening of the administrative performance monitoring; Second, to strengthen publicity and education, public awareness; Third, the establishment of scientific and effective administrative performance monitoring mechanism; Fourth, establish a sound legal system to monitor the administrative performance; The fifth is to improve working methods and increase the effectiveness of performance monitoring; six to highlight the focus on the administrative performance monitoring; seven innovative methods to monitor performance; eight is to strengthen the Administrative Center; nine is the role played by the rigidity of punishment, and enhance the effectiveness of monitoring of the Granville; Ten is to enhance administrative efficiency of the self-construction monitoring teams.Finally, Yiyang City, Hunan Province to monitor the administrative performance of work practice as an example, a comprehensive analysis of the achievements, problems, and improve work methods and results to be the key point for further research in order to point to face, a full range of demonstrated the effectiveness of monitoring the executive management in the Government of the importance and the direction of future research.
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