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On The Evolution Of The Relationship Between Ports And Cities And The Building Of Shanghai International Shipping Center

Posted on:2006-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152992981Subject:Human Geography
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For a long time, the port always presents an interactive relation with city. Ports seem doors through which cities open outward, and cities like carriers to help ports thrive and develop. Cities rely on ports to develop their economies and ports revolve around cities to promote their functions. At present, the ports and cities show some new spatial and functional characteristics in the development of the world economy. Among them, the international shipping center is the advanced phase of the closer combination of ports and cities. It has good deepwater lanes, container pivot port with shipping routes covering the whole world, advantageous facilities of transportation network for gathering and dispersing cargos, functions as international shipping, trade and finance and possesses of the urban comprehensive function with the shipping industry, The international shipping center, which is the important factor to influence the regional and global competition ability of a city or nation, becomes the focus of the theoretical and practical quest.In recent years, along with the fast development of the globalization of economy, the total deal of the international trade increasingly extends. As the main carrier and the important foundation of the international trade, promoting the world economy obviously, the international shipping center provokes the fierce competition of the conduction of the international shipping center in the north-east-Asia area. At the same time, the international shipping center also becomes the important foundation and pre-requirement of the growing-up of the international economic center city, then being the focus of the development in each country. Especially, as the main space of the international shipping center, ports initiate the governmental and scholars' concerns. The real and urgent problems are how to sufficiently bring the influence on cities of ports into effect, promote the building of resource allocating international shipping center in shanghai and speed up the construction of the" Four-center".Based on the analysis of the relationship of the law of cities and ports, this article sums up the fundamental law and theorem of the formation and development of the international shipping center from the viewpoints of the evolution of the relationshipbetween ports and cities, studies the surroundings and requirements and puts forward the practical way to speed up the building Shanghai international shipping center. It may be right that inquiry into this problem should be of much importance in theories and practice. Theoretically, the author discusses the necessity and law of the development of the international shipping center in viewpoints of the interactive relationship between ports and cities, and practically it provides the scientific foundation and policy reference to speed up the building of the international shipping center.Certainly, it is a perpetual proposition to study the relationship between the ports and the development of cities in theories and practice. Under the circumstances of the integration of world economy, it is necessary to face the new projects in this respect continuously. As regards the target for building Shanghai international shipping center, it is important to keep on exploring the way of implementation. More important, it can help accelerate the building of the international financial and trade center to speed up the building of the international shipping center. The research in this respect needs running deep, and it is just the first step in this article.
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