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Legal Regulations Of Land Use In Effect

Posted on:2011-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330305960518Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Land is the material basis of human life, the scarcity of land resources, so we must improve the efficiency of land use, and as much as possible to avoid the waste of land resources. Legal regulation is important to promote the efficient use of land resources, although our land use management systems of laws and policies are constantly introduced, but the implementation was not ideal, so we must reflect on the feasibility of the system. Possible legal system means that the legal system from the reality, but also act on the reality, to be effective in regulating social relations and a variety of criteria applicable law. Workable system must be built on the basis of certain legal principles, also must have the criteria and standards. State legislation is aimed at the pursuit of efficiency, this benefit both of the economy and social, with the increasingly serious situation of the environment today, of course, it also including eco-efficiency. Land is both a resource assets, not only has ecological benefits, but also has economic and social benefits. Whether the three-effectiveness in a reasonable and balanced state is an important standard to measure whether the use of land resources good.Benefit balancing is also a standard to determine the validity of the legal system. Countries are the main land management, responsible for realizing the importance of efficient use of land resources. Planning with land use of economic instruments as Land use planning, Nature of the socialist public ownership of the civil law is carried over land use rights, land use right determines whether it is good land use efficiency. Emphasis on the overall macro-control measures and emphasis on economic legal right to use market forces of civil law regulations sufficient to ensure the effectiveness of the use of land resources,that must use administrative law to regulate land use. Land acquisition is the Government's land administration a very prominent problem. This can be seen, economic, civil and administrative legal system on the management of land use in China is constrained to each other and promote each other, complement each other, to achieve the protection of land resources, to achieve efficient use of land resources, they must coordinate and improve the three basic land law system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land resources, Effective balance, Land planning, Land use rights, Land acquisition
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