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Chinese Maritime Administration System Innovation

Posted on:2011-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Maritime affairs in the broad sense refers to the sea or ocean affairs(in actual work it also includes the River Services),a narrow sense refers to accident at sea.Maritime administration is the water transport safety management ,which is directly related to the order at water transport industry,production safety and the safety of people's lives and property.From 1949 to the present ,maritime affairs management of China has experienced three reform of pattern and system,and has made tremendous achievements in the national economy's rapid and healthy development.With the depth of modernization ,maritime administration was exposed some shortcomings and is facing new challenges,chich affecting the healthy and orderly development of water transport industry.Three measures must be taken to promote the sustainable development of maritime administration and the promotion of shipping industry's prosperity and stability:finding the causes to the problems of maritime administration; deepening reform of maritime administration system;improving the problem-solving ability of China MSA.This article describes the meaning,status and function of maritime management and the reforms before in chapter one .In the second chapter it describes the settings,functions,legal sources and present situation of China maritime administration in detail.It points out that four main issues lead to the difficult situation of China maritime administration---irrational manage power,significant defects of organization, management lag, system crisis of legitimacy,it also points out that overlapping functions and overlapping management is the root causes of the difficult situation. In the third chapter ,this article introduces the situation of maritime administration in USA,Japan,HongKong and the United Kingdom which have advanced level in the area focusing on analysis of their characteristics and successful experience—comprehensive law enforcement model,the advanced management concept,human resource management and good external image.In the fourth chapter ,the article proposed solutions and suggestions to the problem in combination with the situation of China's maritime administration and the international advanced management experience.First of all ,maritime sector should be given adequate powers accord to the laws to achieve four key goals—reduction of functions and powers cross, strengthening and enforcement of maritime legislation,giving the maritime sector the legislative power of maritime,solving the practical issues which occurred for years through legislative means.Secondly, the government should redistribute the functions of government departments draw on the experience of"the big department system"and the maritime sector should strengthen self-construction to achieve scientific development.
Keywords/Search Tags:maritime affairs, administration system reform, overlapping functions, overlapping management, Comprehensive Enforcement at sea
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