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On The Construction Of A Modern Chinese Government Ruled By Law

Posted on:2011-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332961985Subject:Marxism in China
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The purpose of building a government ruled by law is to make it be a government ruled by law and be able to create more favourite conditions for the economic development .The power of it should be limited ,and the government itself should be more effective.The function of the government is to provide more sercice to the society rather than regulate the economy in a forcible way which may jepardize the healthy development of market economy and make the market go in a wrong way .The power of such a legal government should be strictly under the supervision of law when performing its duties.The constitutional law of china has made it a basic policy of building a government ruled by law ,It is also a common development goal of every single socialist country ,in the process of the construction of a legal government ,many serious probloms had been more and more clearer ,such as the personal quality of the government stuff members are relatively low ,they often didn't perforem their duties and functions according to law strictly and completely .To build a government ruled by law is to make sure that the constitutional law of china could be able to make the society steady and stable ,the power of government is under the supervision of law so that all administrative affairs could be sovled according to law perfectly.Under the background of economic globallization ,the construction of a leagl government ruled by law is becoming more and more important to the development of society and economy ,the thesis clearly stated the difference between the western and the chinese government on legal government construction by fully using the knowledge realted to politics ,social science ,law and economy .Many probloms were discussed in a better way ,and relevent methods for sovling the probloms were also given after the discussion .How to reform and deepen the administrative management system ,promote the renovation of administrative management fucntion are the top two priorities of the government,through the formation and perfection of rules and laws ,the legal position and administrative power of the governmenal stuff and members should be more legal ,and the government should be totally under the supervision of law .The government need to futher strengthen the supervision system and formulate more standardized ruled and regulations .A perfect supervision system could bring more benefits to the society ,and create a more effective government,which could solve probloms and contradictions from the society so that we could finnally realize the goal of making the society more harmonious and sustainable.
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