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Thinking Of The Juvenile Delinquency System Of Correction In China

Posted on:2011-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Minors represent hope and the future, a country of hope and future. However, in recent years, high juvenile crime rate has gradually become an international social problems, the world will be a minor crime as an important part of maintaining social stability. At present, with China's rapid economic development, the influx of a variety of thought abroad, leading to the social environment of unprecedented complexity, overwhelmingly gave birth to juvenile delinquency. Juvenile crime has become the hazards of today, to study the causes and characteristics of crime, and then develop a comprehensive and effective corrective measures to reduce crime, and guide the young offenders on the right track, the country's development and social stability is important.This paper has never been an adult crime and correction on the concept, described the characteristics of juvenile delinquency and the causes of juvenile crime and then determine the correct system configuration design standpoint; by foreign adult criminal correction system did not introduce and comment on good legislation referring to foreign ideas and experience; through our juvenile delinquency correction in the history of evolution, status and lack of justice, juvenile crime in China to conduct deep analysis and correction system, reflection, and then seek correction system of Juvenile Delinquency future development.Full text is divided into four parts:The first part was "Juvenile Delinquency and CorrectionSystem Overview", focusing on the concept of crime minors, general characteristics of the current juvenile delinquency, analysis of the causes of juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquency, by that correction system established to provide basic guidance and direction; from the juvenile delinquency system of background correction, historical evolution and the current system of juvenile delinquency correction system to provide a general introduction.The second part, "Foreign juvenile delinquency correction system and its assessment", which, on the national juvenile delinquency system development process, sum up experiences, the development trend of the forecast.The third part, "Correction of juvenile delinquency in China and problems," China's juvenile delinquency through the pursuit of the historical development of correct context, analysis of the status of juvenile delinquency system of cause and correction of deficiencies.The fourth part, "Correction of Juvenile Delinquency Perfection", on China's current legislative system Sifalinian and reflection of Ji Chu Shang, put forward China's juvenile delinquency correction on the System of corresponding perfecting measures for a more scientific Dique Li minor contribution to the humble sound judicial system.
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