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The Research Of Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Posted on:2013-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and open policy, our country juvenile delinquency increased seriously, the crime rate is rising year by year,minor crime is not the problem our country faced in social transition and development process, the world are facing minor crime growth, rising crime problem currently.Minor crime has became the third public nuisance after drug trafficking and environmental pollution, it was not only the focus of the whole society, but a wake-up call to the society.At present, China’s juvenile delinquency to the national accounts for nearly ten percent of the total number of criminal cases, it increased at the rate of13%a year and showed new characteristic, such as criminal members became more younger, crime type became diversified,more and more gang crime, adult and intelligence criminal means. Faced with the grim situation of juvenile delinquency, reduction and prevention of juvenile delinquency as an important issue to maintain social stability and national long-term development.This article is divided into three parts, each part as follows:The first part is an overview of juvenile delinquency. First introduced definition of the concept of juvenile delinquency in some foreign countries and China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, although each country on the concept of juvenile delinquency provisions are different, but the concept of a general sense of the adult crime is a violation of criminal law provisions implemented by minors, serious harm to society, and should be subject to criminal punishment. And then describes the juvenile delinquency showed a younger age, diversity, gang followed, heavy with high crime rates, increased juvenile delinquency in rural areas and other features, as well as the current situation of juvenile delinquency in China, pointed out that strengthening the prevention and correction of offenses against minors, we faced an urgent issue need to resolve.The second part introduces main reasons of juvenile delinquency through four aspects of minors themself. family environment, school education and the social environment.The own reasons of juvenile delinquency are three main aspects:physiological factors, psychological factors. Due to the minors are not mature in the physiological and psychological development,Vulnerable to be affected by adverse environmental,and thus to commit crime. Family reasons including family structure imbalances, improper family education, bad behavior of parents, lacking of communication between parents and children. Again, school education, there are mistakes, including the educational philosophy there is a deviation, the neglect of moral education, school education in the legal system is imperfect, lack of communication between schools and parents.Finally, the negative social climate and poor culture of the adverse effects of minors also contributed to an important cause of juvenile delinquency.The third part is to talk about the prevention of juvenile delinquency.Juvenile delinquency is the product of the combined effects of various factors, prevention and control of juvenile delinquency is a system of social engineering, you need a comprehensive means and measures of common concern to the whole society and to participate. This section is mainly about the four aspects of the family, school, social, judicial preventive measures. First of all, family prevention, parents should improve their own quality, to educate children through a healthy and civilized way of education, enhance their own knowledge of the law, strengthen exchanges with their children. Secondly, the schools need to strengthen legal education of minors, strengthen the building of teachers, attention to students’ mental health education, to strengthen communication between schools and families; Again, the society is the minor’s growth environment, we need to purify the social environment, promote healthy and positive social and cultural, to create a harmonious social environment for the healthy growth of minors; Finally, strengthening the legislative, through legal means to solve the problem of juvenile delinquency.
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