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The Current Situation And Molding Of The Chinese Soft Power

Posted on:2012-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335468951Subject:International relations
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The hard strength once had brought too many disastrous lessons to the humanity. The lessons merely had maintained the cold war pattern. The theatrical disintegration of the two-pole pattern has provided a chance to the breakthrough of the hard strength theory. The concept of power should not only contain some hard strength such as the military strength and the economic strength, but also contain invisible strength such as the influences of the culture, the political values, the morality and ethics. The ending of the cold war has given "the second face" of power more evidence than before.Presently, China has entered a new period of the construction of harmonious society, which asks for national and governmental strength advanced. Internationally, the global financial crisis and economic crisis has resulted in the realignment and regrouping of the world political and economic force. The western leading nations cannot resolve the global government questions without the developing countries. Under the background of age of the main peace and development trend in the world, China may attempt to beat out a different path from the western great power in history. Through internal construction of harmonious society and the external advancement of harmonious world, the Chinese soft power is molded and advanced. However, the leading conventional sense of comprehensive national strength in construction of country strength is relatively feeble, and it is relatively scarce that the stratagem related to the soft power in construction of country strength. So building the systemic theory about Chinese soft power is very necessary.China and America are having their respective soft power, but it is noteworthy that besides China and America's soft power have the different size, they have the difference in the sources of power. This paper suggests that the source of the Chinese soft power is mainly containing the cultural resources, the political resources and the cultural elite. Therefore, Chinese soft power's form is divided into cultural power, political power and the man power. Culture is basic element of the soft power, and politics is critical factor. The man who possesses cultural and political feature is quintessence of the soft power, and even, certain cultural elites may supplement the promotion of the Chinese soft power. On the basis of the connotation of the Chinese soft power, this paper analyzes the achievements and deficiency of the Chinese soft strength initially, and attempts to give some approaches for construction of the Chinese soft power. The development of the traditional culture and cultural industry, the harmonious society's construction and the favorable national image-building, the civil quality's enhancement and the demonstration of the favorable national image, which are three strategic choices of molding the Chinese soft power.
Keywords/Search Tags:soft power, traditional culture, political reputation, national image
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