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To Examine The Construction Of China's "Soft Power" From The Perspective Of China's National Image

Posted on:2011-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D X ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305498967Subject:International politics
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After the reform and opening up, China has made significant achievements in economic and social developments, people's living standard has dramatically improved, however, the rise of China's "Hard Power" doesn't automatically lead to the rise of China's international status in international community. The western countries have been criticizing China's human right and other issues relating to political systems and social development pattern.It is obviously seen that the disadvantage of China's "Soft Power" has appear gradually. Because the contemporary international competition not just confined to the strengthening of "Hard Power" such as economic and military development, but the "Soft Power" which now are playing a vital role in the world like culture and national image.Accelerate the construction of China's "Soft Power" is an inevitable path way for China to expand its international influence and explore its international development space.Hence, national image is s kind of soft power that closely related to a nation's reputation in the globe.As a national charm, national image can generate a great deal of attraction that is far reach for hard power.By influencing and transforming others ideas and beliefs to obtain counterparts'understanding and acceptance.Consequently, satisfactory result will be made.As for China, a sound national image could greatly advocate China's involvement in the shaping of international political economical and security affairs.Moreover, undoubtedly, it will beneficial for China to acquire a variety of resources that is in desperate need of and create a peaceful external environment. However, China's present national image is not satisfactory. The misunderstanding of westerners'media and people has uglified China's national image which resulted in detrimental influence,worse, did little good to the construction of China's Soft Power. In the process of China's approaching to a superpower in the globe, national image related to the realization of China's national interest home and abroad. Still,the acceptance of China's peaceful rise and development pattern by the world to what extent.In the article, author try to put the concept of Nation Image as an angle to discuss the construction of Soft Power, that is through shaping a sound national image to advocate the successful exercise of China's soft power which will rise China's influence and establish a responsible image in the international community.The "Soft Power" concept from a famous American Professor Joseph Nye who has become the important theoretical basis of shaping and marketing national image. strengthen the efficiency of shaping and marketing China's national image and make full potential of the great influence and impact of national image so that the Soft Power could be sharply improved. Consequently, the national strategy intention could be achieved. In this article, from the perspective of China's national image to analyze the construction of China's soft power, by shaping a sound national image to advocate the successful application of soft power and strengthen China's influence in the international community. Then China's responsible national image who is in pursuit of peace could be shaped.The structure of this dissertation is as follows:In the first paragraph, I give a general concept of the national strength and soft power, illustrate the confine of the concept on scholars from home and abroad,moreover, to address the elements and character of soft power. In the second paragraph, to attach the importance of the charming of national image through the analysis of the disadvantage on soft power. In the third paragraph, give a definition of the national image to try to research China's present national image and position itself. Fourth, discuss the reasons behind the misunderstanding of China's image from western medias.Lastly, to initiate the advises and recommendations to improve national image to all aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:National Image, Soft Power, China's National Image National Image Charming, Strategies and recommendations
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