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Research On Youth Legal Education Of Border Ethnic Minority Areas

Posted on:2012-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335493602Subject:Ideological and political education
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In today's society, legal education is significant for developing the physical and mental power of youth in border ethnic minority areas, and important to create a legal system and a harmonious border. However, because the economic, cultural, education and customs in border ethnic minority areas delay than the mainland, it shows its self-specificity and affects the development of the legal education in border ethnic minority areas. Based on investigation, this article probes the problems, causes and countermeasures of legal education in ethnic minority areas from the particularity of legal education.This paper is based on empirical investigation of four schools' legal education in Dali Bai nationality areas. The first part describes the background, writing purpose, significance, ideas and basic concepts of the paper as well as points out the direction. Secondly, the paper expounds the importance and necessity of legal education in border minority areas, mainly from youth legal education is the requirements of basic principle of ruling the country by law, is the necessary condition to promote the awareness of youth in minority areas, is the necessary condition for long-term stability, is an important way to educate the youth in national legal area youth, is a major force to promote legal education curriculum reform in minority areas, is the effectively method to curb the spread of AIDS and drug-related crimes in minority areas. Again, the paper carries out an empirical investigation of four schools in the Dali Bai nationality areas, mainly from the legal education classes, teachers, teaching content, course format, legal awareness, judicial status, rights protection capabilities, national policies and regulations to understand the situation the empirical investigation. Fourth, the paper analyzes the causes of legal education problems in border minority areas. Mainly are:constraints of geographical environment, barriers of the education system, the lack of legal education model innovation, imperfect of legal education system. Finally, the paper proposes some feasible suggestions to improve and perfect the legal system of minority areas, such as increase the legal personnel training, improve the legal education model, and improve the content of legal education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Legal Education, Border Ethnic Minority Area, Dali Bai nationality area, youth
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