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The Reform Of Independent Agencies In China Mainland

Posted on:2012-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335964204Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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In spite of repeating prohibitions, phenomenon of corruption in China is still serious today. The major reason is significant flaws of the organizational setup of the Independent Commission Against China, Operation and monitoring mechanisms. That institutions are not independence, lack of anti-corruption authority and statutory, independent supervision mechanism within the organization is inadequate make it difficult to carry out anti-corruption activities. In contrast, anti-corruption work in Hong Kong has achieved tremendous results, only through the twenty years that begin with the twentieth century of the seventies called one of the world's most corrupt transformed into one of the world's most corrupt, corruption index ranked second in Asia. The establishment of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption which has played a crucial role, and play an important reference for the establishment of the Mainland Independent institutions. This article aims to analyze the existing institutional setup Mainland Independent rationality and legitimacy of the use of literature, surveys, descriptive research method, drawing on the establishment of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption operation mechanism to research the path of reform of anti-corruption agencies in China Mainland,, put forward four reform proposals:First, it remove the Anti-Corruption Bureau, cancel the discipline inspection organs and administrative supervisory bodies under one roof and combine administrative supervisory organs with the Bureau of Corruption Prevention, and change the name as "Independent Anti-Corruption Agency"; Second is to increase the anti-corruption work and to include the necessary laws and regulations of power among them with the legal nature; Third is clearing the two statutory duties of the State Bureau of Corruption Prevention and Education Prevention, supervising Anti-corrosion system for all units; Fourth, to establish a long-term supervision mechanism of which the NPC and its Standing Committee, the Procuratorate (with a corruption complaint with authorities), anti-corruption agency's internal investigation team and the media advisory committee of experts as the oversight bodies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent Agencies, Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, Independence, Statutory, Supervision Mechanism
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