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Research On Anti - Corruption Organization In Mainland China

Posted on:2016-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464965096Subject:Administrative Management
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There is a world-wide existence of the phenomenon of corruption, in our country is repeated, mainly due to the presence of defects set mainland anti-corruption organization, operation and supervision mechanism. Localized anti-corruption agency, the lack of deterrent means corruption, overlapping responsibilities, division of labor is unknown, effectiveness and legitimacy of the difficult co-existence, self-regulation needs to be strengthened and other problems led to the anti-corruption work hard to achieve a major breakthrough. In contrast, Hong Kong has achieved good results in the anti-corruption work, in just twenty years time shift begins once one of the most corrupt in the world as one of the cleanest areas of the world today. The establishment of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption in which has played a crucial role, and the establishment of anti-corruption agencies in the Chinese mainland has an important reference. In this paper, research methods of comparative analysis, the anti-corruption agencies in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong ICAC compare the organizational structure and operational aspects, highlighting the ICAC highly independent of tissue localization and efficient linkage of these two advantages institutional settings, and then summed to Inspiration Mainland anti-corruption bodies to adjust, Implications for the mainland and then summed up the anti-corruption agency to adjust:First, to enhance the independence of the anti-corruption agency and authority; secondly, extensive anti-corruption agency and empowerment of its statutory duty to establish the terms of reference; and finally, the establishment of internal and external anti-corruption agency dual oversight mechanisms. On the basis of these studies on the final construction of the overall plan proposed anti-corruption agency with Chinese characteristics, namely the cancellation Offices discipline inspection organs and administrative supervisory authorities, not the establishment of the People’s Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau within the administrative and supervisory organs and Prevention corruption Bureau of the two institutions merged, strengthen the functions of the specialized anti-corruption bureau to prevent corruption. The implementation of this reform program needs strong protection, the first is the party’s leadership, followed by public support, and finally international cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption(ICAC), Independent Agencies, Independence, Supervision Mechanism
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