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Sino-Japanese East Sea Of China Problem And The Protection Of China's Interests

Posted on:2012-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335964460Subject:International relations
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The problem of the east sea of china appears in the 70's of 20th century, with economy global development deeply and international situation's adjustment.oil,gas and other resources are growing increasingly important in demand and importance. The problem of the east sea of china is very complicate in interests and other aspects The solution of this problem is very important and meaningful to propel China's economic development, protect national sovereignty and security, marine rights and interests. So it is very necessary for us to analyze the problem of the east sea of china.To begin with, This paper introduces the beginning of the problem of the east sea, and pointing out that the problem of the east sea's essence:from outward situation, The problem of the east sea is dispute of the two rules'carrying out in convention in fact,it is Japan that wants to obtain the east sea's sovereignty, marine rights and interests especially in oil and gas. The second part points out clearly that Diaoyu island's sovereignty, the demarcation of the east sea of china and exclusive economical zone's demarcation and so on are main focuses and conflicts on the problem of the east sea of china. In the meanwhile put forward that china and Japan's policies and ways Thirdly, author analyzes the influence which the problem of the east sea of china will bring to regional international relations especially in china-japan, china-America and china-korea fourthly, author analyzes the problem of the east sea of china and the protection of our country's interests from politics, economy and army'aspects. And put forward suggestions to solve this problem between China and Japan, clearly point out that putting aside disputes and seeking common development is the most practical choice to deal with the problem of East Sea between China and Japan. Last part: conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:The dispute of the east china sea, China and Japan, Country interest, The relation between china and Japan, Common development
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