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Evolution Of Relationship Between China And Japan And Establishment Of East Asia Community

Posted on:2006-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155976090Subject:International politics
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Under the globalization background, every country gets much closer relation with others; the pace of regional integration is faster than before; Europe and North America have established the framework of regional integration. All these have oroduced huge pressures on East Asia, whose progress is lagging. If the condition like this continues, it would be rejected outside the global competition. To realize the prosperity of East Asia, every country in East Asia must make concerted efforts to speed up the pace of cooperation.East Asian countries have reached the common understanding about East Asia Community. But the key factor of establishment is the relations between China and Japan. In recent years, the contradiction and conflict are existing and it turns into the barriers of history process. The establishment of East Asia Community needs the participation of China and Japan. And the cooperation of East Asian region is the hope of improving the relation between China and Japan. And it's the best choice to let two countries go out of shadow and walk for the future hand in hand. Conversely the progress of relation of the two countries and the degree of cooperation would affect the progress of the East Asia Community.East Asia Community is a long-term goal, so it means that difficulties will exist for a long time. According to the complex circumstances in East Asia, it will proceed step by step, and it needs more time than Europe. If China and Japan achieve the political reconciliation and come to the union just like France and Germany, it will accelerate the process of establishing East Asia Community and benefit people of East Asia, even the world.
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