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The Development Of Post-cold War Japan-taiwan Relations And Its Impact On Sino-japanese Relations

Posted on:2007-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M M ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360185479777Subject:International politics
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The relation of Japan and Taiwan has been an all new but complicated interactive structure and form since the end of the cold war. Because of the Japanese factor, the influence of Independent Taiwan Movement and new variety international situation, the problem of Taiwan develops towards the complicated international direction. The problem of Taiwan dragged so long not to be resolved, the exit of international resistance is inseparable. Among them, the United States surely is the most role and resistance, but Japan is a character that can' t be neglected. On the problem of Taiwan, Japan hasn' t always been an on-looker. In resolving the problem of Taiwan, Japan becomes a more important role.The article starts analyzing from the Japanese special feeling of Taiwan and Taiwan' s feeling of Japan, with the policy of Japan adjusted to Taiwan and the trends of the league of Japan and USA, then analyzes the development trends and characteristics of the relation of Japan and Taiwan after the cold war. The relation of Japan and Taiwan enhancing made the problem of Taiwan highlighting and complicated between China and Japan. The problem of Taiwan will become the destructive power and sensitive problem. We should know the complexity, long-term and the negative influence that the problem of Taiwan between China and Japan brings, then estimate the position and importance between China and Japan.The writer tries from the whole confidence, main from the economy, the politics, history and geography strategy etc. a few aspects to analyze the factor of Taiwan, summarizes the development characteristics and trends, puts forward own viewpoints. Looking back the relation of Japan and Taiwan after the cold war, we can seize the trends of China and Japan, Japan and Taiwan, recognize some regulations of them.To do with the problem of Taiwan, benefit to the stability that support the Taiwan strait situation, benefit to promote the cross-straits domestic welfare, benefit to the peace and safety that including Japan the whole Pacific Asia .To handle the problem of Taiwan, at the most keep the commitment enough. Since Japan government promised , Japan should do the commitment, take actual action, and don' t support Independent Taiwan...
Keywords/Search Tags:the relation of Japan and Taiwan, the relation of China and Japan, the problem of Taiwan
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