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Young Mao Zedong's Social Transformation Thoughts

Posted on:2012-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335966653Subject:Marxist philosophy
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From Sino-British Opium War, China was suffering from both domestic strife and foreign aggression, and the situation was dangerous and disordered. The Westernization Movement, Reform Movement of 1989, the Yi Ho Tuan Movement and the Revolution of 1911 successively occurred and defeated one after another, eventually failed to achieve fundamental change of China. Involved in those great upheavals of modern Chinese history, Young Mao Zedong actively explored the way to change China and save China in great danger, and finally found the key weapons to change China's fate - Marxism.The formation and development of Young Mao Zedong's social transformation thoughts went through four stages. (1) Advocated enlighten people through education. Influenced by the thought of Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, and other advanced intellectuals, Young Mao Zedong thought that people's intelligence closed, moral corrupt, corporeity weak, theory and practice education disconnected such maladies caused by underdeveloped education, therefore he advocated that education, including civilize people's spirit, improve national corporeity and accept social education, was the effective mean to enlighten people and strengthen national power. (2) Advocated people widely united. From the October Revolution and the May 4th Movement, Young Mao Zedong saw the great energy when people were widely united, then he analyzed the necessity and possibility of people widely united, and pointed out the methods how people widely united and the bright prospect. (3) Sought to construct Hunan Republic. In the case of hopeless of China total construction, Hunan province was fettered by China, opportunity of Hunan autonomy was perfect, Young Mao Zedong actively sought to construct Hunan Republic by the means of drafting the constitution to construct a new country, repealing military governor and giving a disarmament, self-government of people in Hunan province, economic independence, and then made it as the guide to achieve fundamental change of China in the future. (4) Belief in Marxism. When his ever attempts all failed and was influenced by the October Revolution, Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu and other advanced intellectuals, Young Mao Zedong gave up all his reform attempts and began to organize the Communist Party of China, lead an alliance of the workers and peasants implement violent revolution, ultimately he chose Russia type revolutionary road and set up the Marxist faith. From then on, a new road was pointed out by the Marxism for China.The logic of the development of Young Mao Zedong's social transformation thoughts was very clear. (1) The logic of reality as it was restricted by social reality and environment. (2) Ideological logic as it was influenced by the progressive ethos. (3) The logic of practices as it was related with his personal practices.The historical significance of Young Mao Zedong's social transformation thoughts was important and profound. (1) It truly reflected the way people explored to save China and the ethos at that time. (2) His ultimate choice to accept Marxism changed the trajectory of his life and the Chinese history. (3) The precious quality, historical responsibility and the pursuit of his ideal, which were embodied during the formation and development of Young Mao Zedong's social transformation thoughts, can inspire contemporary youth to create a great enterprise.
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