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The Study On The Public Participate In Evaluation Of The Local Government Performance

Posted on:2010-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338482626Subject:Administrative Management
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At present, the Government Performance Evaluation has become a hot issue in public administration scholars and the common people around the world. Government Performance evaluation is considered as the key aspect of government's capacity, which would induce governance's management to become more open, more scientific, more responsible therefore promoting administrative democratization. The public participation in Government Performance Evaluation is related to the cooperation between government and public. Western countries have made an extensive and in-depth study on public participation in the Government Performance Assessment, especially with the rise of a new wave of public management; public participation in government performance evaluation has been gradually used in public administration. In our country, local governments have also carried out activities in this area, and achieved some practical experience, however, there is still inadequate which need to be further developed and improved.Government Performance Assessment is helpful to improve government's efficiency, save the costs, and improve government management capacity. The attention to public participation in government performance evaluation is a core value orientation, which has been a feature in every national performance assessment. China's local governments on the basis of learning the practical experience from West countries created a lot of public participation in government performance evaluation models with some achievements as well as a lot of problems. In order to solve the problems and sustain the development of performance evaluation activities, Local government must strive to build a public participation Mechanism for government performance evaluation.This paper based on the concept of public participation and the theoretical basics, analyze the necessary for public participate in government performance evaluation. By comparing the current situation and development of public participation in government performance evaluation between the domestic and the out seas, analyze the problems and reasons in China's local government performance assessment. On the basis of full comparison of each other, I tried to absorb foreign advanced theory and practical experience with Chinese local practice, with Chinese characteristics to explore a new way for public participation in government performance evaluation. This paper from decentralization to integration, from theory to practice, from the macro to the micro research ideas, reveals the need origins, dilemmas and trends for public participation, and put forward the important significance of the measures to promote public participation in local government performance evaluation; the significance of forming the basic framework for improving government performance and government services quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:government performance, performance evaluation, Citizen participation, main part of assessment
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