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Research And Application On Logistics Strategy Optimization In DRP

Posted on:2006-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152496472Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Internet-based DRP (Distribution Resource Planning) is an effective solution which aims to integrate the functions which include purchase, storage, transportation, sell, finance and so on.The inventory management and logistics transportation are two major problems of DRP. On the one hand, the market demands was greatly enlarged, distorted, delayed which result in the storage is increased, the safe storage is unnecessarily exceeded in. Finally logistics is blocked. On the other hand, the traditional delivery pattern of distribution are mainly the single distribution area oriented which takes the area as a whole and does not fully consider the case that the sale at the different points in the single distribution area are unbalanced. Targeting these issues, this thesis mainly focuses on the optimization of order and delivery in DRP at the following aspects:1. Research on determination of selecting the distribution site. Base on the analysis of the influence of the distribution network layout to the whole system operation of the DRP, as well as the consideration of some key factors such as distance, quantity, cost etc. in the distribution network. An optimal method is proposed to solve the problem of distribution network layout.2. The problems of storage management and logistics are studied in the thesis. Two major patterns of storage management are analyzed. The optimization method for the requirement and delivering the supplement forecasting is brought forward. Self-adjustable genetic algorithms are adopted to optimize Joint Managed Inventory (JMI) and delivering supply strategy of the distribution center and sale point in the area. The method is realized to search completely for the result in the feasible field. The searching efficiency is greatly improved and local or sub-optimal result was avoided. The stocks are reduced and the problem which previously results in the inner inventory imbalance was eliminated.
Keywords/Search Tags:DRP, Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Genetic Algorithms
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