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Sales And Design Process Reengineering For Switch Equipment Based On Concurrent Engineering

Posted on:2006-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152496485Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Manufacturing of whole set switch equipment (WSSE) is a critical part of power industry. And it is important for the steady transmission and transition of electric power. The order process of WSSE products demands high technology and well management. The company of whole set switch equipment enterprises (WSSEE) in China are under the tradition of serial working pattern and operation flow, for the sake of scattered departments and isolated information, many problems were arose, such as increasing difficulties of design, prolonging the period of research and development, boosting the cost of products. It deeply affects the period of delivery and quality.This paper aims at WSSEE, the sales and design process of the WSSE products were reorganized and improved based on the present problems and practical needs of FK electrical company, in the mean time, and we have preliminary achieved concurrent working pattern on the foundation of collaborative manufacturing environment and management system. As a result, the design and manufacturing process of the enterprise have been well optimized.The main content of this paper includes: Firstly, the paper points out the subsistence and development problems of WSSEE facing by means of analyzing factors such as the environment of competition (competition environment) and the intrinsic characteristics of products. And how to shorten the design cycle and the period of manufacture under the condition of maintaining the cost and quality was studied. And it is also the originally driven requirements of the Concurrent Engineering (CE). Secondly, the traditional sales and design flow of WSSEE were analyzed, subsequently, the paper points out that the serial working flow and scattered working pattern are the reasons of the delay of producing period and why we have to frequently modified process. In the meantime, the paper indicates that lots of problems emerge in the manufacturing and assembling are mostly as a consequence of sales and design process. Thirdly, by means of business process reengineering (BPR) the paper argues a reconstruction method based on the process of the sales of WSSE. Moreover, the paper introduces the design and the application of a price estimating system that focus on the special products.The innovations of the paper are as follows: research that people applied CE and BPR concepts and methods to whole set switch manufacturing enterprise. In the mean time, the paper suggests concrete details of implement and advertent listings. In conclusion, the paper provides useful suggestion to applied CE and BPR in the WSSE industry that can evidently improving the level of modern management.Through the application of BPR and the establishment of CE pattern in FK Company, the design cycle and the period of manufacture have been greatly reduced. In the mean time, the quality of product and the competitiveness of enterprise have been improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Concurrent Engineering, Business Process Reengineering, Sales, WSSEE, Concurrent design
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