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Study On Product Innovation System Of No.4 Plant In Changcheng Special Steel Based On Concurrent Engineering

Posted on:2005-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152965568Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The paper describes that the product innovation ability become the competition focus of making industries in the times of knowledge and economics under the new situation of China's entry into WTO. Aim at the status that in our countries traditional industries are lack of product innovation ability and the product renew step largely falls behind with developed countries, general research on special steel product has been done. Based on the methods and theories of system engineering, the meaning of product innovation system are illuminated and it is also discussed that product innovation system is a synthetic making system gathering knowledge/technology, management/administration, organization/labor resource together. That need operating in the advanced making management mode so as to achieve the final destination. The paper also expounds how to use the theories and methods of concurrent engineering in order to shorten exploitation week, bring down the cost price and improve the applicability, which will refer to each section of the product life, relevant technical joints and professional field, and assembling all resource.In the paper, the relationship between product innovation and concurrent engineering is discussed, an innovation system is built and the characteristics of the system are analyzed. Based on the particular background of Plant 4 in Changcheng Special Steel, the importance of strategy, course and responding machinery of product exploitation in the system is also discussed. The relationship between product innovation and organization innovation, process rout rebuilding, and course management is related. And the design and research on the system are carried out aim at the specific situation of product innovation and exploitation of Plant 4 in Changcheng Special Steel.Based on the research above, the most critical questions during product exploitation are discussed, such as investment, decision-making, quality management in the processes, information, labor resource management and the direction of fund flow. The methods of synthetical evaluate for product innovation investment and decision-making and decreasing investment risk are brought forward. Aim at Plant 4 in Changcheng Special Steel which seriously lacks fund, several models are built. They are management methods and model for fund flow ,model for quality assembly in the course of product exploitation and the process management and information and resource assembly model which contributes to fast product exploitation. It is discussed how to construct information platform that is important for product exploitation. Preparatory research and redesign are done for the process rout rebuilding and the rouxingchonggou of the company. At the same time, the fund program and the target cost management are studied by means of cost management of operation foundation. Thereby, the benefit caused by product innovation activities is ensured.Finally, some parameters are ameliorated by using the product innovation system in the course of product exploitation of Plant 4 in Changcheng Special Steel. It is attempted that some methods and theories which are used for mechanic making industry are used to produce special steel, and fine effect is obtained. The economic benefit and the center competition ability of the company are largely improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:product innovation, system, concurrent engineering, knowledge and economic, assembly
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