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Psychology Of Juvenile Delinquency

Posted on:2006-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Juvenile delinquency is a serious problem throughout the world. It affects not only the young people themselves and their families, but also the country and even the whole nation. Nowadays, "Juvenile delinquency" has been regarded as the third public disaster after drug-abuse and environmental pollution. So it is important for prevention to analyze the causes of juvenile delinquency.According to the Chinese Youth Center's statistics, youth crime has been increasing in recent years. What on earth infects these young people and their hearts? As we all know, there are many causes and factors. However, as for the study of this problem, we should use relative theories of foreign scholars for reference.Psychology of juvenile delinquency is caused by all kinds of conflicts produced in the development of youth's physiology, psychology and the society. From the aspects of youth's physiology and psychology, we can see that juvenile's period is the passage from children to adults. And in this period, young people have rapid and conspicuous changes in physiology, while they have low development in psychology. So they are short of capabilities of adjusting their own behaviors properly. There exist conflicts among understand , feelings , behaviors, acts of will, ect. There are a lot of views about explaining the causes of youth crime. And from the point of psychology, there are also many important theories internal and external.Young people are a special social group. They are in the passage from children to adults. And their thoughts and behaviors have become relativelyindependent and mature, not dependent as before. However, after all they lack of experience of the world. If they are affected by a bad environment as well as the poor education at this time, the young people are easy to commit crimes. The juvenile delinquencies have many types, and the causes of their crime psychology relate to not only the physiology elements, social elements but also the family elements. We can judge which one is like to commit a crime by some dangerous signs.Of course, no matter what causes the psychology of juvenile delinquency is, the most important is to prevent the occurring of it. Any kind of crime is governed and controlled by the psychology. The psychology of crime has a development from quantitative changes to qualitative changes as other things, and the development has its own laws. From the study of juvenile delinquency and even the adults' crimes, we can see that the psychology occurs in certain conditions, and affected by the environment. So to prevent the crime, we should first start from the psychology. We should also strengthen the psychology education, and the legal regulations can not be ignored. Children are the future of a nation, juvenile delinquency is the most intractable and heart-struck problem. This paper aims at making the present situation of juvenile delinquency clearer and finding new trains of thoughts to solve it.
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