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Origin Cause Of Formation Of The Risk Assets Of Agricultural Bank Of Changchun And Influence Analysis

Posted on:2006-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The finance is the blood vessels of the national economy, four major state-runcommercial bank of our country economical operation in our country play anextremely important role of the structure with financing just from establishing.Assets quality of four major banks , risk degree , operating the sane stability anddevelopment which concern the whole national economy and even society andpolitics. But, but the risk assets current situations of four major state-run banks aretroubling, the huge non-performing assets buries the serious hidden danger tostate-run commercial bank oneself and politics of the country , economy. This textis on the basis of analysing the current situation of state-run commercial bankcredit risk assets, origin cause of formation, influencing , based on currentsituation of the risk assets of agricultural bank of Changchun , analyze its origincause of formation and existing problem, put forward the correspondingcountermeasure and suggestion according to its current strick precaution and wayof dissolving.The current situation of the non-performing assets of state-run bank is: Totalamount enormous, take than high , and area distribute very much unbalanced , alsothere are a large number of recessive risks at the same time, a lot of have notformed the risk and lost assets yet, the enormous potential risk is being hidden infact in the loan which seem to be the health. Another question, in go throughclearance several years ago and after transforming , left risk degree of difficultythat assets dissolve more and more heavy.The huge non-performing assets blocks the assets mobility of the bank as forstate-run commercial bank oneself, have weaken the profit space of the bank,develop motive force and competition strength, has strengthened the operating cost,have reduced the staff's treatment . To national economy, a large number ofnon-performing assets has precipitated and weakened the supporting dynamics tonational economy of state-run commercial bank; Big bank creditor's rights loseproduce destroy letter demonstration effect apt to bring out social morals risk andcredit emergence of crisis, the handling of non-performing loan may causefinancial risk or inflation . And, might cause the regional or global financial crisiseven when in financial risks savings to certain extent.Analyze the reason why the bad credit assets of state-run commercial bankform, under the old banking system, as to subordinate to bank departmentundertake for rigidity obligation that state-owned enterprise circulate necessaryfunds government. And opposite to it, grant the loan enterprise is it haveequivalence repay soft debt of terms to regard bank loan as. The bank lacks theright to run one's own business, often make loans passively under government'sadministrative interference; Because the social overall credit foundation is weak ,credit consciousness is without worldly desires, the legal mechanism is imperfect,it is of common occurrence to cause and escape from the phenomenon whichabolishes the bank debt; Financial supervision means lag behind, risk is it is it is itcause state-run commercial bank external origin cause of formation that non-performing loan produce too to lag behind to take precautions against to control.At the same time, in the course of goes through transition and opening to theoutside world in economic systemming, to is it cause a large number of extinctionof state-owned enterprise cause state-run bank centralized outburst ofnon-performing loan to become suddenly management environment. Meanwhile,state-run commercial bank getting reasonable reform is it is it bear suitablestate-owned enterprise cost of process of reform shift too to down to arrange.Besides the above external reason, because one's own property right system isnot distinct in the state-run commercial bank, owner have fact inside caused to putin place encourage poor efficiency , financial responsibility weaken and lack stateof competition mechanism, extensive operation, the efficiency of management islow, customer's transition is centralized that grant the loan, business innovationlagged behind etc. to form inside origin cause of formation of risk assets again.Above-mentioned research are to probe into the origin cause of formation ofnon-performing assets of state-run bank and the questions of some respectsinfluenced . Pass from inside and two respects of outside, the production reason ofthe non-performing loan of network analysis bank, explore that solves the train ofthought of the non-performing assets, in order to offer some decision bases for thething that it is extremely early to solve this problem properly and consult thescheme. Because of such a train of thought, this text regards agricultural bank ofChangchun as the case, regard it as a epitome of the state-run bank, is it watchstate-run essence of bank to come through its risk representation of assets.Through introducing its business scale and assets current situation briefly , analysethe origin cause of formation of the non-performing assets, explain that theagricultural bank takes precautions against and dissolves the way , means andmethod of risk assets by oneself at present, draw bank non-performing assetsaccumulate to certain extent will form financial risks can break out financial crisisand cause bank go bankrupt main knot of reason evenning Talk about . And then,the theory of relation with customer and bank compete for the behavior theoryafter probing into the behavior theory of the bank and granting the loan, and usethe relevant statistics of the bank to do real example analysis. And real exampleanalyse find Changchun city agricultural bank primitive origin thatnon-performing loan produce through theory these --What the bank managedtrends towards the favourable mechanism. Obviously, this is a operations objectiveof the bank too. The profits and risks are a pair of contradictions forever!On the basis of analysing these theories, this text has announced the externalspecial reason of the bank non-performing loan question of our country too, thereare these reasons on a policy, on the system, have in law too, certainly the reasonon the economic aspect is one of them too. Afterwards, this text transfers the focalpoint to management of the non-performing loan, must set up and amplify thescientific loan risk management system to put forward as soon as possible, realizesecurity , mobility and benefit of the loan. Should make sure in the business of thereal loan is managed that it is based on risk that credit makes policy and credit issystematized in risk management. While vitalizing , taking back existingnon-performing loan completely , stop the emergence of the newly-increased flowfirmly.Solving the problem of non-performing assets of agricultural bank ofChangchun, is an arduous and complicated system engineering, only if the thingthat the work overnight can be solved . So, this text has been put forward to thestrick precaution of the non-performing assets of the bank and idea of dissolvingtaking two steps. From the state-run bank outside , combine the reform in bankingsystem and confirm its commercial attributive character of state-run bank at first,therefore establish the commercial attribute of its credit behavior. Meanwhile ,must make property right mechanism in order , make owner's playback . Make themanager's responsibility , right , interests reach the efficient unity. Throughstrengthening the legal construction , strengthen the social credit institutionalimprovement , perfect the outside , such as capital market ,etc. and reform thesupplementary measure, create loose market environment for the handling of non-performing assets. Should take the corresponding measure too , change the idea ofmanaging from the state-run bank; Perfect the risk management system of credit,improve decision efficiency and control the risk level; Put forward Changchun cityagricultural bank should set up and amplify loan risk idea of management systemof science, in order to realize security , mobility and benefit of the loan. Themanagement system of the risk is divided into two parts to grant the loan:1, Credit decision system based on risk. It contributes to improving the...
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