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The Research Of Supervising System Of Financial Holding Company In America And Britain

Posted on:2006-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, with the internationalization of economy and finance, the finance competition is severe, finance organization large-scale and purchasing is rolled on with full force, the super finance group has constantly appeared, many unit development and mixing battalions become one kind of international nature trend, and our country had existed some abnormal unit finance group -finance holding company of standard. But, so far as the problem of finance holding company, our country has no clear prohibition law or establishment law. If it is long-term to divide an industry to manage, it will cover up down the new jumbo finance risk. This article is by the way of the analysis of the basic theory that is about supervising finance holding company and the English finance holding company supervised system, reaches some profitable conclusions, and correspondingly puts forward countermeasure and suggestion. The article can be divided into four parts. First part is the basic theory that the finance holding company supervised. The meaning of finance holding company, type and characteristic were firstly introduced. At present as for finance holding company had no unified concept, whether or not to possess intimate unique cause domain according to the parent company, pure financial holding company and operating financial holding company can be divided into in the finance holding company. By the basis of finance supervised theory and society public good theory, the necessity that from naturally three aspects monopoly, information asymmetry as well as outside nature to the finance holding company were supervised has been carried on theory analyzing. Finally, the model supervising of finance holding company and major content that supervised was introduced. At present each country supervises the model supervising that the finance holding company adopted, chiefly has supervising-owner model and supervising with unifying. The supervising to the finance holding company generally the condition, company structure, shareholder, senior management qualification, capital sufficient rate requirement in market and the content to internal interrelated business confinement etc. Second part is the supervising system of American finance holding company. Chiefly expound the development of American finance holding company law, the organization, object as well as major content that supervised. From " Ge Lasi-Si Digeerfa " in 1935 to " Financial Service Modernization Act of 1999"the system supervising of American finance holding company went through from complete prohibition to many units to divide the industry conversion. FRB as the umbrella type supervisor becomes the finance holding company organization, is responsible for to the finance holding company group supervising, coordinates the various functions to supervise the organization, and is on guard the system risk. The bank organization such as OCC, SEC and the state insurance hall supervise the thigh subordinate, negotiable securities company and an insurance company respectively. Third part is the supervising system of centralized industry mixing of Britain finance holding company. At present, the Britain finance holding company supervising system is based on twice finance reforms. "Financial Services Markets Act 2000"defines that the finance service bureau is the only and independent executive body to finance line in Britain. It original to the...
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